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About Jesse Pohlman

Hello there!
Thank you for joining me on Patreon.  Chances are, you're here because you're looking for an awesome creator to support.  If you're interested in reading science fiction, fantasy, or anything in that direction, you've come to the right place!  Since I was young, I've loved fantastic images of knights slaying villains and heroes piloting the stars, and I'd love to share that enjoyment with you as I create new stories for you to enjoy!

What I create:

I read, I write, I record and I design worlds.

I've written multiple novels across a spectrum of fun categories, and you'll find each series has its own flavor. Physics Incarnate struggles with the nature of good versus evil, where characters have vastly opinion viewpoints on how to solve extraordinary dilemmas.  It's a super-hero themed romp, starring the physics-manipulating professor Emmett Eisenberg and his friends in the 'Consortium of Truth' as they save the world; Protostar is cerebral, and uses the backdrop of a war with aliens to create takes of cover-ups and exploits the existence of artificial intelligence to debate questions about the nature of life.  Protostar has even been my go-to series for National Novel-Writing Month in 2012 (win!), 2014 (loss) and 2016 (loss).  This series is centered on on Lahira Ocean, the captain of the star-ship 'The Messenger' as she saves the Human Concordance from various threats; and, lastly, in my Pillars Of The Kingdom fantasy novels, my very first series, in fact, readers follow three plucky heroes named Jacin, Clarice and Branden as they march around a fantasy world filled with robots and evil demigods as they, you guessed it, save the world!  I've let my imagination run wild with Anime-esque action sequences and suspense in this one.

I also evaluate and critique Dystopian Literature on my web-video series, Dystopian Review.  As I'm designing this Patreon page, I'm working on analyzing "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles," and I'm building a story-line into my analysis, so I'm often in-character as some lower-middle-management twerp that is pretty sure he works for an evil company, but tries to do some good as he goes through with his patient.  Maybe it's like an inverted "The Screwtape Letters" (C.S. Lewis), but for cyborgs?  Either way, it's an enormous undertaking but I hope it's one you'll appreciate.

Lastly, I like to dabble with making web-comics out of a combination of Lego and random paint programs; called Chronicles Of Alleron, I'm really excited to be spending some time on this project, again, and really trying to add cool visual effects (well, passable ones) into the positioning so as to tell a much better story than I had been, previously.  It's a world where the forces of Mana became un-balanced and led to a world-wide flood, and now the only surviving kingdom is making desperate strides, exploiting lost technologies (Lostech) to attempt to bring the world back to order.  Follow along with our protagonists, Captain Goldhook and Habbo; two pirates who survived the Battle of Privateer Point and get caught up in various shenanigans.

What you'll get for contributing:

The most basic donation you can give is a dollar, because every dollar is appreciated.  Sincerely, every step closer towards the goal of being an independent author is a huge advantage for me, and it means the world that you're willing to support me.  What you get out of that is more clearly explained in the "rewards" section to your right, but you'll be credited in every future book I do, you'll be informed of exclusive opportunities to beta-read, and you'll be eligible for patron-only content and polls to help inform me of what I do best.  You'll also get the satisfaction of knowing you're making more and better art for the world.

At higher donation tiers I will include things like alpha reads, B-Roll reads (I.E. Books or projects I never finished, in case you're curious), signed books (international shipping restrictions may apply), and more!  If you've got ideas I'm happy to hear 'em!

What Will I Use These Patreon Funds For?

I would really like to be able to devote more of my time to creating works of fiction (and, maybe, some not-so-fiction), and the truth about my creative process is that I need to be able to set aside a certain amount of time to let my mind wander into that 'inspiration zone.'  It's not that I can't adhere to deadlines - among other things, I spent three years writing for my college newspaper on a weekly deadline with no problem.  I can sit down and say, "Today I need to write this thing."  The problem is strictly having the time to do that.

Moreover, as I'm sure you know (I mean, you have to make a living too, right?), I have to be able to set aside time to write, and time spent writing for my readers and myself is time spent not doing work for an employer.  My writing has never paid the bills, but it's something I had always wished was able to.  I don't expect Patreon to cover every expense I have, but I expect it will allow me to explore my creative side more frequently, as I can substitute out hours worked at a 'day job' for hours worked at the keyboard.  

The Math

As I've done with previous fund-raising efforts, I want to be straightforward when I ask for your support.  I think that if I'm not transparent, you're not getting what you pay for.  To that end, I'm going to try to set up goals that make sense.

My initial goals for Patreon are to be able to free up one hour a week, at a minimum cost of about sixty dollars per month, to work on what reader feedback has suggested is my biggest weakness: Editing.  With this extra hour freed up per week, I can spend my normal writing time editing, making my prose stronger by the patron!  In return, you will get your appropriate backer rewards to give you something extra to enjoy!

Additional funding means I can set aside even more time to work on some bonus content for your enjoyment.
$0 of $60 per month
One Hour Per Week
At this point, I'll be receiving enough funding to spend one hour a week editing my work.  This means I'll be able to hit release dates much faster, or - better still - may be able to save up money to hire a professional editor for a final pass on a project!  Specific details will always be provided in updates.
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