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About John Stacy Worth

My name is John Stacy Worth. I'm a God loving, grace embracing, father, husband, author, artist, and comic book enthusiast. Oh yeah!

Here's a short description of my completed trilogy, The Grace Finder Saga:
Enter a world of prophets, warriors, street urchins, and royalty; political intrigue and personal betrayal; dragons, giants, a ragtag band of misfits; sword fights and drawn bows; visions and incantations; love, sacrifice, and redemption.

All in the face of impending annihilation.

My fiction is found at Fiction Worth Reading, where you can also join my readers group. My work ranges from the completed Trilogy, to my series in progress, Southern Sorcery, to my short story collection, Weird Winds.

Be aware, not everything in my fiction is appropriate for young children (my work tends to run PG-13), due to the fantasy type violence and adult themes inherent to the milieu of each set of fiction. 

But if you have young children, don't worry. As fate would have it, writing fiction just isn't enough. I also create online comics at Kidfriendly Comics.  

In fact, one of the most rewarding moments of my life was captured in this photograph:

That's my oldest son, reading the printed copy of the comic book I created for him and his little brother.  Since then they've helped me color and ink a second issue of that particular comic.

My webcomics are hosted by Comicfury.  You'll find nothing on my site that I consider inappropriate -- no gore, nothing profane, and no excessive or graphic violence.  My goal is to create comics that inspire creativity, engage the imagination, and of course are FUN! 


I do work a day job, for which I am eternally grateful, as it pays the bills and blesses my family in multiple ways. It is completely separate and different from my artistic endeavors, which I also see as a good thing. All that said, there are only so many hours in the day. I just wish that somehow more hours could be set aside for art.

To that end, I hope to expand the websites to include more of my creations, whether that means novels, more comics, drawings and/or paintings. Your contributions could help me fund my art in a myriad of ways.

For now I will continue to plug along at work, at home, and make art when I can.  Thanks in advance for any pledges, shares, or simply good wishes.  I appreciate it all. Going forward, I'll post updates here and at my various sites, and will leave you with the advice that I give my sons, when coaching them in their own artistic endeavors:

Draw big, color bold, and stay loose!

John Stacy Worth
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Write more fiction! Create more comics! Do more library programs, and be the creator I was born to be.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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