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Hi, I'm James Thomas Green, aka jtg.

Allow me to take this opportunity to welcome you to my Patreon page.

I create Multimedia, aka Videos, Documents, Memes
and other Art
that Explains, Explores, and Expresses
topics of Art, Science, Politics, and Everything.

If you are among those who are new to me, Hi!  If you are among those who already are acquainted with me, Hi!

So, let's just get to it! Why should you pledge to me? Good question!

The number one reason to pledge at least $1 per month to me is that you are acquainted with me, my life, my art, my works, or just humble me, and you believe that keeping me living indoors with sufficient resources to operate is something that you think would be good for me, you, all or part of the world, or just me. 

My intent is to make most of what I produce public eventually, often immediately. My work is intended to educate the world so restricting it defeats the point. By supporting me, you are helping me get my messages and information out to the world.  

That said, there will be a few posts that are Patreon-only, such as detailed updates about my life, thoughts, feelings, and life status.

I have several Patreon pages, and will soon set up several more.

This Patreon page is set up as a set monthly contribution and by contributing here, you are supporting me in all the various things I do.

Other Patreon pages I have been set up on a pay-per-production basis, so by contributing to them, you can push me to create things you specifically like. You can, of course, contribute to several or all of my various Patreon pages.

If you are not convinced, you may either stop now and go to another quadrant of the internet, or you can read on after the divider.

                                          (-: • • • • • • • • • • :-)

So, for those unfamiliar with JTG, that's me, consider the following:

• I do many great, epic, things. :-D   If you are someone who has been following me for decades, you know the sort of stuff I post, all the logic, reason, education, clarification, art, and drama. If I am new to you, prepare to be amazed.  

• I have been called a "polymath", which means I know a bunch of stuff. I call myself a "one-man-think tank". I want to communicate what I know via my video and art.

• I have twelve (12) college degrees and can hold a conversation on almost any topic most people can imagine, and even topics I don't know, I can catch onto quickly. I have used that knowledge in the past to simplify and explain complex topics in text and video forms. If you ever meet me, ask me anything and I will either be able to speak to you about that topic or very quickly I will usually catch on after a couple of questions. 


Patreon has two ways for you to contribute, a set amount each month, or pay-per-creation method.  

This Patreon campaign page is set to be a month-by-month general support campaign, in that you make a monthly contribution to support my many artistic endeavors regardless of how many I produce.  

I have and will have other Patreon campaign pages which are and will be on the pay-by-project method; in other words in those other campaigns for each video, comic, or other art pieces I create, you would be billed a set amount for each piece I create, as set by you, with a maximum amount. So, for example, if I have another Patreon campaign where I create a specific type of video, you could contribute $5.00 per video, with a maximum you may set of $20 so that if I create five videos in a month, you would only be charged for four.  Likewise, if I only created three videos, you would only be charged for there, i.e. $15.  As another example, if you pledged one of my webcomics at $0.50 each, if I created and posted 20 in a month, you would be charged $10.  The pay-per-creation method rewards creation whereas the monthly-set-pledge is a general support pledge.  See how it works?

You can either contribute here on this monthly-set price campaign, or on one or more of those other campaigns, or both or all, as you prefer.

I'm planning several specific projects which require me to live indoors.

• I am launching a series of YouTube videos in which I explain topics and issues briefly and clearly. I have a talent to take very complex subjects and put them in understandable terms to the layperson. I am planning on one a week at the start but will expand as my financial support allows. I am making videos which explain science, such as "what is a planet?", "what is art", "how do I sell my house with or without an agent", et cetera. 

• I am starting a personal weight-loss project which I call the 400 to 220 project, wherein I drop from my current weight of about 400 (down from 600 max) and drop to 220 while posting regular updates, exercise videos, recipes, and other relevant data as I proceed.

• Let us not forget the ongoing performance art that has been my life. My life has been an open book on various social media forums over the past few decades, and some of you have been following the tales of my life for decades. I know my life is a story some of you follow like I were someone fictional, like Spock or Weird Al. Some of you have been getting free entertainment out of my life for decades, so how about a $ or so each month? Hmmmmm?

That's the basics.

I could go on, but I will stop there. You can ask me anything, and I may or may not answer, depending on how you ask and what you want to know. 

If you read all that, then thank you, and you should be giving me at least a dollar a month. 

Thank you for your support, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled astrology reading.


P.S. Pledge.

P.P.S. Yes, you, pledge.

P.P.P.S. Note, P.S. is an abbreviation for Post Script,
             which is a Latin phrase which means "Hey, you, Pledge to JTG!"

$101 of $750 per month
I shall commit to producing at least TWO (2) edited videos that explains, explores and expresses a random topic of science, art, travel, et cetera. I may make more videos, but I shall commit to making at least TWO (1) videos.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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