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About JTP (MNR)

Hello everyone! My name is JT, or otherwise 'MNR'. I'm a disabled nonbinary genderfluid person doing creative stuff! I create a wacky slice of life autobiography comic (The Art of Science and Art), misc social commentary comics, illustrations, and now gay games!
My work is heavy in queer scifi/fantasy themes. My work is sex positive, body positive, POC inclusive, and LGBTQIA+, and stars many Queer characters.

I love creating comics, illustrations and giving art advice, and thereby connecting with artists and art lovers alike. I dream of making this my full time job. I currently work minimum wage jobs when I am able to, in order to make ends meet. 

Your monthly contribution to my Patreon allows me to focus on creation and spend less time working in attempt to meet my basic needs. It also allows me to purchase the supplies I need to create my artwork and tutorials! Creating art has always taken a lot of energy for me. With your support, I can spend more time and energy creating art and sharing my experiments, instead of trying to support myself through other types of work. 

What do I create?
  • My autobiography comic! (The Art of Science and Art - https://tapastic.com/series/ArtScienceArt)
  • Social Commentary Comics!
  • Illustrations and paintings!
  • Short and long term gay Games (Working on 2 projects actively, 1 backburner): Monster Boy Dungeon, Ametaro's First Week, and Tessa's Story
  • Misc art tutorials!
  • Coloring pages!
Most of what you'll see me making on a daily basis are sketches, illustrations and autobio comics.

In addition, I livestream whenever I can! My livestreams consist of:
  • Live art demos, commissions, drawing illustrations
  • Live gamedev, pixel art, and art asset drawings
  • Playing indie games
  • Some screaming and yelling because I don't like dying in game.

My work will always be posted on Patreon first. Some art, comics and videos will be Patreon exclusive, meaning that they won't be posted anywhere else on the web.
Patreon supporters will receive high res images of my artwork and comics.

Patreon supporters will also see playable demos, get progress updates, and extras on my games.
Supporters at the $5 tier will receive early NSFW game screens, as well as misc NSFW art.

Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your support!

A Quick Introductory Process Video:

Where can you find my work?
Etsy shop!
My Tumblr art tags!

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I can create art postcards and send them to my $5+ patrons! Yay!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts

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