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Typographic Art Based on letter forms and Inspirational Slogan Stuff ! Some may be based on kanji or hanzi Others on Roman ABC

$1 TEXTURE Delights
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per month

Texture and other files suitable for base and background Layers 

Fabulous 5 for Five
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5 Rewards for 5 dollars 

Access to all the  $1 rewards plus 4 more rewards for your pledge 

Digital Delights in png format you can edit will include textures typographic art some of my color technozi and also possibly pdf ebooks collections of older art or poem cards




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About JVartndesign

Why do you need info about me? Look at the pictures!
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Mediums I create with:  works on paper, digital fractal abstracts, typographic designs, photography (see my DeviantArt or Red Bubble) writing blogs, prose and poetry.  And more.

I can't get to conventions or craft markets or work FULL time due to MEDICAL restrictions/ disability (Can't drive or lift heavy weights no rellies to help with lifts) and while I can manage my power and utility bills working part time other bills like health insurance have eaten up my savings which I need to build up to finish household repairs to plumbing and wiring .


Goal One
 finish household repairs and replacements so less stress from that!
Goal Two 
have funds for some Professional PR promo help with sales

GOAL Three Visit Kyoto or do Ceramics Diploma to extend my practical skills 

More Beauty added to the World !

$1 of $500 per month
For health reasons I can only work part time but I'ld like to build up my savings so I have funds to cover competition framing and postage and promo fees and household repair/replacements that are OVER due. 
and yeah so I'm doing better than some creators but I'ld ALSO  like to have more money to support other creators and be able to do more freebies to reward my blog followers!
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