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Lifestyle Philosopher who about 15 years ago started to write about stress and stress management, personal development. This page will include book material, articles and videos about how to get rid och the negative stress through informations and exercises.

Welcome to my series about Stress and Stress Management
In a world of infinite stimuli, lots of factors affect us in infinite ways, every day, week, month and year. We are exposed to a lot of stressors all the time. You should look in some ways, do things in a way, behave in a different way. Advertising and media, politics, finance, family, work - you name it. We talk about different stimuli, stress factors and effects. And the influence and management.

This series is the basis for my book in stress and stress management, and will partly be released completely. In book form, it happens digitally, which reduces the costs to the minimum, and at the same time opens up a lot of opportunities for me in my work with the book and everything that happens around it. Since I myself take care of the book's launch, design and publishing, it gives me all the determining legal properties, without the influence of either the agent or the printing company.

So keep abreast and share more than gladly through the linking opportunities that are included on the page. The book will also be translated into English to further expand the views.
Once the chapters are finished, they will be released for download in a reduced edition. Finished and finished copy will be able to get hold of the buy link here on the page when it is finished. 🙂

Stress is something that affects so many people all year round every day. Most do not really know what one can do about the stress feeling one has in the body, and many believe that something must be done to more or less eliminate stress from everyday life. Here on this page I will share information and tips on stress and stress management.

What creates stress

Regarding stress in one's life, there are a lot of external factors that record and affect. These are disease states, events, relationships, colds, pain etc. Such things that individually affect one negative. Common stress-related can be something that happens at work or at school, and that a close relative goes away, that you go through a divorce or that there are frauds and discord in the family, even between other family members, and you yourself are alongside , and indirectly being involved - even though one tries to maintain a neutral position and does not want to be involved in the situation, and still try to maintain a good relationship with both parties.

Many factors affect us and make us stressed. Holidays, work, children, accidents - everything affects at different levels. We all suffer from stress, but we handle it differently. Plus, we are individual in what makes us stressed. Something that makes a person stressed need not necessarily affect the other person in the same way. Both internal and external factors in our lives stress us, mainly in the psychosocial and psychological areas.
The various factors that cause stress can be called stressors, and it is about different problems and challenges in our lives, and that in some situations we do not feel that we have that control over our situation that we wish we had.

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