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About J Wall

Please, Give Paws For Thought.

Hey, if you're here then chances are you know a bit about me already... but if not then here you go! I'm J Wall, or if you prefer to know my real name, Matthew. My pronouns are He/Him, I'm from near London, England, and I get up to a whole host of things!

Excel Guru, Process Lead, Billing Manager, Tech Support by trade.

I enjoy playing both video and tabletop role-playing/story games off and off Twitch, undertaking various web development projects to create useful tools, managing and engaging with numerous online communities including one of my creation called People That Game, and bringing to life amazing worlds in the form of writing for the Wayfarer's Compendium.

I'm an advocate for free speech, equal rights for all, promoting diversity, and encouraging accessibility. My streams make use of Web Captioner in order to provide a way for people that are hard of hearing to still experience and hopefully appreciate my content.

Additionally, my tabletop role-playing game streams make use of the TTRPG Safety Toolkit created by Kienna Shaw and Lauren Bryant-Monk. The TTRPG Safety Toolkit is a compilation of safety tools that have been designed by members of the tabletop role-playing games community for use by players and GMs at the table.

Let's not forget that I love to offer advice, donate my time, and give guidance to others in their efforts of raising money for charity, plus carrying out some of my own too!

In 2019 alone I have:
So far in 2020 I have:
  • Contributed £276.33 of my own funds to charity:
  • Supported in raising a combined total of:
    • £552.17 (and rising!) for WWF-Australia.

The overall plans for this Patreon and what I will be primarily concentrating on initially is streaming and writing, with an aim to over time:
  • Improve the quality of streams with enhanced assets, and perhaps later down the line pull highlights out of any noteworthy and fun moments.
  • Apply additional effort to interacting with various creative and tabletop-focused communities, and in doing so have a greater impact along the way with charitable opportunities.
  • Start up a tabletop role-playing show related to my work on the Wayfarer's Compendium.
  • Write much more and provide regular stories for the Wayfarer's Cosmos, in addition to other sneak peeks at times with the Wayfarer's Concepts.
  • Expand my writing to physical media with collections of short stories, setting and adventure books for tabletop role-playing game systems, maybe a physical board game or two, plus some other secret ideas I have.
  • Restart my web development projects once again to continue making great resources for people to use.
  • Enable People That Game to flourish once more as a platform for creators to network, promote themselves, and chiefly help fundraise for charity at the same time.

Scheduling is as follows - estimate dates, may vary, and subject to being able to:
  • As and when - Updates posted in the #my-developments channel on Discord showing off what I'm working on and want to do.
  • First Sunday of every month - Suggestions for the Wayfarer's Concepts and Cosmos with a writing direction poll made available to $5+ Patrons.
    • I'll do this once the $100 Goal is reached!
  • Second Sunday of every month - The latest developments on content written and planned is consolidated into a post for $2+ Patrons, then made public a week later.
    • Once the $100 Goal is reached this will include mention of what suggestions/poll option won, and what I plan to do with it!
  • Fourth Sunday of every month - Wayfarer's Cosmos short story is posted for $5+ Patrons, then made public a week later. These are estimated at around 1,000+ words each.

Please consider following me on Twitter to stay up to date on the latest happenings, joining my Discord to become a part of the madness, and supporting here if you can to allow me to pour more of both my heart and soul into everything I do! Check me out everywhere else on my Linktree!

None of my endeavours will ever be locked behind a paywall beyond what is necessary to provide them, e.g. printing costs, production costs, the cost of paying artists, etc!

Patreon pledgesTwitch subscriptions, and any tips given are always optional, but very much appreciated! If you are unable to support momentarily then following, sharing, and consuming my content in general is perfectly good too! <3
$17 of $100 per month
1. Improvements!

At $100 a month I will have covered the small base costs of hosting all of my websites and domains, Adobe Creative Cloud, Google One, other related services, and my general day-to-day bills!

There will then be some leeway to spend a bit more on improved services for the above and enhanced assets on my Twitch stream!

I will also open up monthly polls so $5+ Patrons can influence the Wayfarer's Cosmos and Concepts!
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