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$1 or more per month

Thank you so much for helping me chase my dreams! Your support means the world to me!

  • Patron only posts + sketches
  • Early access to Youtube videos (schedule permitting)
  • Credit in my YouTube videos (as long as you're a patron)
  • My sincere thanks! 
DreamChaser Coloring Club
$3 or more per month

You’ll receive a high quality digital file of a line drawing. You can color it using any medium you want (digitally, printing it out, transferring it to canvas). 

  • Downloadable Line Art Coloring Pages!
  •  Private Discord channels  
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards
$5 or more per month

Video Extras + Behind the Scenes. 


  • Access to bloopers & behind the scenes content
  •  Vote on upcoming video topics 
  • Video scripts, notes and YT calendar
  • 10% OFF INPRNT Shop + Commissions
  • Plus all previous rewards

Includes Discord rewards
$10 or more per month

I have big plans for long term projects like comics, zines, etc... and I'd love to share my vision with you as I go!

  • Access to notes, rough drafts and other behind the scenes content for ongoing projects
  • Digital copies of zines, comics pages, etc as they come out (not guaranteed monthly)
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards
Bread Chaser
$25 or more per month only 18 left

You’re not just helping me chase my dreams, but helping me chase that bread!

  • First month: Patreon exclusive postcard + stickers
  • A random piece of merch sent every 3 months (ex: prints, t-shirts, mugs, etc)
  • 20% OFF INPRNT Shop
  • Plus all previous rewards
Includes Discord rewards