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Official patron status. This means you'll get access to my patron-only feed AND my endless appreciation for joining my team. This will get me going if I kept reviving at least a dollar. Your names will be credited in a thank you video as one of my supporters that has supported me colored text as white.
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If you like, I can Scheduled a time to visit you on Omegle with or without JackO cat animation and just have a nice conversation. I thank you so much and looking forward meeting you if you paid five. Your names will be credited in a thank you video as one of my supporters that has supported me colored text cyan.
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This one will literally make me move, this will help me pay my Editing Software(Adobe Premiere Pro) monthly and get my videos going. And the same thing goes for Scheduling a time to talk on Omegle if you like. Your names will be credited in a thank you video as my top supporter in JackO Blue text that got me started quick.




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About JackOFuroth

You could say that I am just a regular guy and I am a furry. I can't get most of my work done for the people of mine and most of my time are wasted and losing so much of my own time when I should be working in a part time job or going to college. I had made videos on my YouTube Channel and most of the videos that get attention and most liked are Omegling. I use a live animated talking cat as my camera to interact with people on Omegle.com to capture their reactions or capture some moments. I also use a laptop to edit my videos, play or capture game moments and go on Omegle to get some moments. This is the only computer I use to do most of my work in the internet. Not the fastest to get things done and is certainly not ment for high video editing or recording. The program I use to edit my videos is Adobe Premiere Pro. I paid monthly for that program and I don't think I can keep going on like that. I am going through some troubling times in real life and it is not good to spread depression. So I keep things positive. I really do like to video edit my videos. I still got videos to edit but my program just expired and cannot be opened again until I keep paying for it. That's most of the story that is going on. I do not know if Patreon will be effective, a friend of mine recommended it to me in a game. Someone by the name Tythesly, thank you for recommending me this. Thank you for reading this far. Hopes for the good.
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I'll try to post one video per week because this amount can pay the program but not my time.
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