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About Jack Sutter

Opinion-based news media built and run by an American citizen 4 the purpose of covering, commenting on, advocating for, promoting, and highlighting the ‘America 1st’ agenda as articulated by the Trump campaign and, later, the Trump administration. Media figures and millionaires have crafted the national discourse on any given issue for decades. Trump represented an attack on those gatekeepers and a hostile takeover of national discourse. His candidacy alone upended mainstream media and started to push control of national conversations back into the hands of we the people.

It was only the opening shot though, the selection of a figurehead and government leader. As great as he’s been doing in advancing the agenda he campaigned on, this is not a one man movement. It is being spearheaded by our 45th President, but the office he was elected to has constitutional limitations (as it should) and he has thus far shown shown a clear understanding of – and respect for – those limitations. That leaves the onus on the voters who put him in office to continue actively supporting his policies as he moves to implement them, and to work to ensure their voices are heard on their own individual terms. He’s not a dictator or a tyrant despite what critics say, and if we want to be heard we need to exercise the power we’ve reclaimed for ourselves.

If we expect him to carry our water for us every step of the way, we will be sabotaging the Presidency and policies we voted for. Individuals need to step up and fight for it. Anything less is surrender to the establishment, and not just of one party or the other; the “swamp” crosses party lines, always has, and the only reason Republicans have the upper hand – enjoying the support of independent minded Americans like me – is because Trump’s bringing his independent streak into GOP doctrine. The Republican establishment members are not our allies anymore than Democrats are, but theirs is the party we the people have managed to hijack from DC elites.

We control the GOP now.

Capitalizing on that and voting more Republicans into office is the only realistic path forward; we can continue our successful takeover of the GOP, but we as voters cannot make those same inroads into the DNC.

The people currently in power there are the same ones who corrupted and destroyed the party, and the only people fighting them for control are a fringe of radicals on the far left. Whoever wins, a small group of elitist pricks will remain in control of the party. Either those who destroyed it will win out and continue on their present (losing) course, or those who want to double down and magnify the policies, principles, and behaviors that have brought the party down will win, and they’ll be even worse off then they already are. There’s nothing there for us.

One party or the other usually wins elections, but we’ve only managed to bully one of them into listening to us. The one we’ve done that too is rife with career politicians too, but with Trump voters in play and our faction as the dominant force in GOP politics, theirs is the only party where we can realistically expect to win viable representation for ourselves and our values in upcoming elections.

The DNC is simply too far gone.

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