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    In addition to the $1 reward,, you get credit for videos we brainstorm in hangouts. You get put into a quarterly drawing drawing to receive a famous sock puppet (Animal Fairy, Captain Morgan, Colombo, Doc Brown, etc.)
      It's me!
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      In addition to all of the rewards at the $1 and $5 level, you also get to to guest on any of my silly podcasts shows and/or we will plug your stuff. Also, I’ll be on your show and will bring any of my sock or clay puppets to your show, if you wish.


        Sometimes my brain makes silly sock puppet or claymation visualizations of funny situations. I want to bring that world to you far more often that I have in the last few years.

        I could use your help. I’m launching this patreon to help cover the socks, pantyhose, paint, googly eyes, clay, material, glue sticks, hair, and other tools and supplies I need to make the funny come to life for you.
        You might be familiar with some of my videos (feel free to check out my YouTube!) Usually, I make my videos to help promote the comedy adventures of my friends but I’d also like to start making my own stories and that will take a bit more time and resources. If you read over my goals, you will see that I don’t intend for patreon to become a permanent basis for supporting the financial end of my puppet/claymation dreams.

        Once I reach my final patreon goal level, I'll be in a place to reach out to others with mad comedy writing, visual effects, videography, art and design skills to start collaborating on some short films. You will have supported that project’s foundation. Please consider dropping a few bucks my way each month for a while, and I will do my best to come up with some creative rewards for you.
        36% complete
        I will be able to afford all the men’s no nonsense socks and pantyhose I need to make my silly sock friends come to life for you. Once I've reached this goal, you can expect at least one sock puppet or claymation video from me each month.
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        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
        By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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