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Vlogging my geeky life to show my future children that life is tough, but with hard work you can get to where you want to go!

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More videos for you guys!
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I'll have enough to purchase a Go Pro because of your support thank you! :DWill stop asking you to 'Like' & share all my videos!
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So much I can do with $500 it would be amazing if we get there and if we do I could do a lot more than what I am doing now!


Jacob has been creating content and talking tech since 2007 and would like to continue doing so into the very distant future.


South Australia, Australia
Some of you may or may not know that I do not get paid on YouTube for the videos I upload and the views I receive. Patreon can help make this possible (in a way). I am not in anyway charging you money to watch my videos, but I am asking for your help to keep me going and producing content for you.
If you pledge a certain amount of money you will be rewarded for some certain special rewards (look below).
Any payment per month is greatly appreciated and you automattically become one of my favourites and I spend more time with you!

Thank you for any amount you pledge and I hope I am still creating great content into the future and it's only possible with your help! 

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