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is creating A Haunted and Haunting Life & Happy World for 9 Amazing Animalss

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Hi, I'm Jacq, and I'm a professional misfit.

From the very beginning I've done things a little differently. While other kids were making friends at school and listening to rock bands, I was talking to trees and hanging out with animals.
I was discovered at 18 by a French model scout and sent to Paris, where I learned the fine art of looking good, and even more importantly, making clothing and other things look good, in front of a camera. I enjoyed a fine career for many years but in time decided that mainstream modeling really wasn't for me. I lived too much of a fantasy world in my head and desperately needed to bring that to the world.
I've turned my attention in recent years to doing more creative and alternative modeling.  Fully indulging myself in the fantasy world I love is a dream but its not a money making venture for me. I am creating for the art, and the love of expressing my haunted fantasy world to my fans and followers. Doing so gives me great joy, but takes hours of my time away from my ability to earn a living. In addition to this, and my normal life and work, I have a herd of four incredible horses ( plus four dogs and an ancient rabbit...all hail the Highlander Bunny!). The one most people know well is Pagan, my Friesian gelding, who I've spent the last over two decades with and who is the love of my life. He's 27 now, which in the horse world in general is considered very old and, in his breed specifically, nearly legendary!  With his advanced age comes a new influx of necessary expenses; special medicines, feed, and equipment. For my four horses my board alone is $2400 each month. Thats not my at-home rent, nor does it include their feed, vet bills, farrier needs or anything else. Thats just a place to keep them.  With this household and barn of mouths to feed (both four legged and two legged) as well as my own, I can use any help I can get to enable me to keep my world afloat.
Becoming my Patron would give me the ability to create when the urge overcomes me without fear of not making ends meet. It would help me relax knowing that I can do the things for Pagan and the rest of my critters that they require as they all get older.  They have given so much to me and to other people through videos, stories, horseback rides, disabled workshops and so much more...I want so much to be able to give to them the life and retirement they deserve. 

Either way, knowing you are interested enough in my story to have read this means a lot. Knowing there are those out there who believe in me is just as important as financial support, and I thank you.
In addition to my Patreon page, you can find me at the following places:
My Website https://www.jacquelinemariemourning.com
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/JacquelineMarieMourning
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/JacquelineMarieMourning
Twitter https://twitter.com/JacquelineMourn
YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrB49pMUce4Q2iHTEdfq3Kg
Snapchat @JacqCT
All my love!

I have made all my tiers equal. Please see my "Goals" section for why. <3
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Its more important to me to build a community then to have a set amount of $ I'm working towards. With this in mind I've set my Goal to be 25 Patrons! And all tiers are the same, access to whatever I post here at Patreon and access to my various social media accounts. As much as I'd love to be able to offer a variety of various rewards there just are not enough hours in a day at this time.  I believe my Patrons and followers would prefer I spend my time taking care of the Horses. So tiers are set to allow you to support at whatever level you are most comfortable with. My thanks and gratitude remain the same.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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