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I'm the sole developer of TypoTales, a text-based MMORPG played entirely in the Telegram messaging app.

Right now the game is completely free to play without any microtransaction/lootbox shenanigans and I want to keep it that way - sadly, the servers aren't free and developing the game takes a big chunk out of my free time, so every little bit of support helps a lot to keep the servers afloat! :)

Here are some useful links to the game:


Donating any amount yields access to the Closed Alpha once the next playtest starts.
In order to receive access and link your patreon account to the game, message @TypoTalesBot on Telegram with /patreon_link and follow the instructions there. :)

Once the game goes public, you'll receive access to a test server where we test new features before they go live instead.
Other rewards are still in the planning, though none of them will provide any advantages ingame. Right now I'm not sure if there'll ever be any tiered rewards, this Patreon is still as much under construction as the game itself after all... Things will change a lot until the game launches. :)

Additionally, if I ever create other games or prototypes, I'll share them here as well, as long as NDAs and Project Terms allow me to do so.
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I kinda hope reaching this goal a few weeks after launching into the open beta in Q4 2021, otherwise I'll stop working full-time on creating games and get a part-time job to sustain my live. Right now I can live off of savings while trying to achieve this, but those won't last forever! Obviously I'll still keep working on this in my free time, as it has always been. Also, if I get a good job offer, I'll take it. :P
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