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Just the Tip Tier

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reward item
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A bunch o' tips
Access to my discord where I'll be posting my sketches and practices that I typically don't post otherwise.
Includes Discord benefits

Cool Dude Tier (comic tier)

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Thas a little more than just the tip...
- Early Access to comic pages at high res.
- Access to fullsized coloured images on the Discord.
- All previous rewards
Includes Discord benefits

Wicked Rad Tier

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Oh dear
>>Superfan Tier<<
-Access to occasional random extra stuff: PSD dumps, speeddraws, and a role in the discord that implies power and the respect of your peers. 
-Largely a support tier.

-All previous rewards.
Includes Discord benefits



About Jadony


Who am is???????

I'm Jadony, I draw and sometimes lie down but mostly draw...

My goals at the moment for the patreon are kind of arbitrary, presently I want to focus more on comicstuffs, paintings, and potentially (though I'm bad at focusing on them) animation.

When you join up, make sure you've got your Discord account linked to patreon, there's an FAQ somewhere about how to do this but people usually figure it out okay.

My Patreon discord has quite a few people in it now, and it has several themed free chats for people to talk in. We try and keep stuff not too rowdy and sometimes we have to be fairly strict with people. The chats are not a feature of this patreon, and if for whatever reason something goes awry and you decide you don't want access to them (or the moderators decide you shouldn't have access to them) we can opt you out and you'll still have access to all the patreon content and be able to dm me or whatever.

is sort of a whatever tier, I don't have strict content uploading schedules for it (where for the 2 dollar tier, all my streamcoms and uncoloured linework generally get put up as soon as they're complete, the same going for fullcolours and comicstuffs in the 5 dollar tier). People in this tier can request psds and other random content like that from me if you have the desire to poke around, and I plan on dumping old sketches from years ago (when I sucked really hard) as content, as well as a few other things.

There is a LOT of stuff that's been dropped in the discord and only handfuls of it have been posted anywhere else, so have fun rummaging around.

The majority of my work is 18+ and nsfw, please keep that in mind
25% complete
At this amount of money I can finally commission Miles DF, which of course has been my dream for all of the two minutes I've spent thinking about what to write here.
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