Jake Richmond is creating Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss and other comics!

$2 /mo
You'll have my gratitude, which in the afterlife will probably be worth 30 soul points or something. Seriously though, thank you so much! Next time I see you I'll give you a high f...

Desktop wallpaper!

$5 /mo
New desktop wallpapers! Every month or so I'll create a new wallpaper featuring Medusa and her friends for you to download and use. You'll also get the previous reward.

Original sketch!

$10 /mo
Two or three times a year I'll send you an original color sketch of Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss or one of my other characters (your choice!). Each sketch will be drawn with pencil and markers on 6 x ...

Sticker of the month!

$25 /mo
Join the Modest Medusa sticker of the month club! I'll create a brand new Modest Medusa cosplay sticker each month and mail it to you! Heck, I'll send you a few copies of the stick...