Jake Richmond is creating
Modest Medusa, Ghost Kiss and other comics!

Medusas, Chainsaw Unicorns, kissy super heros and Korrasami fan comics!

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Art giveaway!
$1,100 per month
If we reach this goal I'll give away one or more pieces of original art to patrons every month! I'll select recipients by random drawing and I'll mail the art to the winner! Free original art!
New Ghost Kiss episodes!
$1,200 per month
I plan on doing new Ghost Kiss episodes as often as I can manage, but putting aside time to draw a 10-15 page superhero comic isn't easy! If we reach $1200/month I'll be able to afford to devote time to doing a new Ghost Kiss episode at least every other month. That means at least 6 new episodes a year (and hopefully even more)!
A 24 hour Modest Medusa comic every other month!
$1,500 per month
If we get this far I'll do a brand new 24 hour Modest Medusa comic every other month! Like this one!


Jake makes comics and games.


Portland, OR, USA

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Hi, I'm Jake. I do a pair of web comic called Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss ( I also do a Legend of Korra fan comic called Asami Loves Korra). That's my job, and my income is generated entirely by Patreon pledges from people like you. By becoming a patron you can help me pay for business and living expenses, meaning that I'll be able to spend more time making comics and art for everyone to enjoy!

What your patronage will allow me to do: Right now I post a new Modest Medusa strip 3 times a week and new Ghost Kiss chapters every other month. Your money will go directly to paying my rent, food, insurance and business expenses, leaving me with more time to make comics, including stuff like my Modest Medusa 24 hour comics, or my Legend of Korra fan comic. With your help I'll be creating comics and art full time, which means more cool stuff for you to read and enjoy!

Will Modest Medusa and Ghost Kiss still be free to read? Yes! Everyone will always be able to read my comics for free on my site (and a whole bunch of other places on the internet).  

Milestone Goals:  Your Patreon support has already unlocked a bunch of Milestone Goals, like monthly live draw streams and a semi regular "Ask Modest Medusa" feature. The upcoming milestone goals are the biggest ones yet, and I can only afford to do them with your support!

Rewards: I'm not going nuts and offering a ton of rewards, mostly because I want to spend my time making the best comics I can instead of focusing on individual rewards. But... rewards are fun, so here's a few!

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