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RESPECT AND GRATITUDE. You could have spent it on one chocolate cherry at the 7-Eleven, but instead you made the choice for cultural commentary. Every little bit helps keep this op...

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A SALUTE. Could have got yourself a cup of coffee, but instead you bought your blogger a cup. Well, that’s goshdarn nice of you. I hoist the cup in appreciation.

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A PRAYER! I go from my desk across the office to the little shrine set up to honor Ganesh, the lord of good fortune. The elephant-headed, four-armed fellow also removes obstacles i...

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I BLINK IN AWE. There are really readers out there so kind and generous? You cause me to readjust my prior views about human nature. I send up bottle rockets in your honor and volu...

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SOMEONE PLEASE PICK ME UP OFF THE FLOOR. At the end of the year, you will receive a free Long Emergency logo mug and a Clusterfuck Nation T-shirt featuring the print of my famous M...

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WAKE ME UP NOW. Can it be so? At the end of each year, you get the aforementioned free swag items, I include you in my bedtime prayers for the year, and I send a signed certified l...

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OKAY, STOP THE IV ANALGESIC SEDATIVE DRIP. I am so delirious I take you on vacation with me and I do all the driving! Well, you might not really want that. Instead, at the...

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SINCE WHEN IS WARREN BUFFETT READING CLUSTERFUCK NATION? At the end of each year, you get the aforementioned mug and T-shirt, your pick of an original framed JHK oil painting, and ...