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About James Martinez

If you're questioning why become my patron I would add, so that you could be part of so many miracles in this day and age. Together with God things that'd never been done before are coming to light thru our works. + I've suffered for years and years and years to deliver this message so any person in need of a sign or direction or hope or help might make it to an even greater life without having too. (+ It would really help out on this faithful journey)

I am a friend of God’s, extraordinarily blessed, my names James Martinez, called up to heaven, lifted up by God Himself and chosen to deliver His messages. Given some of the worlds greatest blessings — face to face encounters with The Holy Trinity, walks with The Lord and The Lord’s Lord, becoming part of Ancient History and I kid you not “Changing The World” from beginning to end.

I've become an author, a writer, an artist and spiritual leader. (according to God's appointment) My goal is to help us all understand the spiritual side of God's word, and I'm doing this by sharing enlightening and uplifting messages and also by revealing the many signs, miracles, and wonders I'm part of with The Lord.

Before I began expressing my journey through art I hadn’t painted or done anything creative. I think the last time was in grade school. God literally touched my hands and I became an artist. We’ve been producing works together ever since.

Going through this process I found myself battling many worldly circumstances. It led to a law firm a few years ago who helped me thru an adverse situation. (long story) As we parted ways they blessed me with Aswan Creations and my new Ministry called James Martinez Ministries. (501c3) Aswan Creations is the place where I co-create with The Lord to bring to life anything imaginable - literature, video, photography and marketing. Creating everything wonderful is what we do.

J.M.M. is the platform God blessed me with in order to launch our faithful message. Its taken a few years to create the platform and along the way I've learned the skills needed to bring our message to life. I've found its quite challenging establishing a for profit and non-profit at the same time. (plus all the other things God has me doing) 

Join me on my journey to blessing and lifting up the world as I share new content inspiring future generations. I get to be the person who says that they know The Face of God, that they've been up to the heavens (1st,2nd & 3rd), that they've walked with God thru time and became part of ancient history. God is still in the miracle business, we're revealing one of His greatest works here, this is something they'll be talking about for a long long time. 

Anyhow, thanks for your support, everything little bit helps.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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