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Welcome to our Patron Community! And since we're in this together now, I will occasionally be updating on how Little Red Bear’s adventures and my other writing projects are coming along, and be sharing sneak peeks of coming book covers and synopses prior to release!

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Thank You! This is truly touching to know that someone cares so much. As a “Thank You” I will be sharing extra materials not included in books, whether deleted scenes, character backgrounds, extra tidbits, or simply nonsensical scribbles that were the starting point of a story or poem. Special looks behind the scenes not shared elsewhere.  

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About James Milson, Writer

Welcome to my Patreon page!   

Going by ‘Jim’ mostly, I spend my time writing and creating things. With four grown children, being a sole empty nester now and an Eagle Scout from years ago, I have always enjoyed a love of conservation and the outdoors. Having lived with a physical disability and overcoming inherent limitations all my life, I have developed a deep empathy for children going thru illness and disabilities, as well.

People sometimes ask me – “Why do I write?”

The answer is twofold, with the first part being because somehow, without being able to explain it, I feel called to this purpose, with my whole life to this point in the preparation of bringing messages of Kindness, Positivity, and Encouragement to others, while also helping to reconnect readers to the natural world around us. Taking care of our world today, so there is a better tomorrow for our children.  I sit down, and the words flow.  

And the second reason, equally important, is – “because of you!”   We are all in this together.

All of my writing is done with the purposeful intention of being Entertaining, Educational, and Informational, and is ‘G’ rated making it suitable for all ages and audiences.

My Writing & Creativity Blog is devoted solely to the subjects of Children, Family, Kindness, Positivity, Mother Nature, and Conservation, and features many Short Works and Free Reads available to everyone, including pieces of original poetry and short stories.

I spend a great deal of time writing about an imaginary bear who resides in my head whose name is Little Red Bear. Together we tell of Red’s and his friends’ ongoing adventures in the Ozarks Mountain Country where he lives in his log cabin on Honey Hill, overlooking Hoppers Holler below, in an area where the humans and animals communicate and live side-by-side as friends and neighbors, interacting as equals. Little Red Bear is an uncommonly special bear.

Published as standalone, single-subject books or as short story collections with several stories included, "The Adventures of Little Red Bear" stories are family-friendly and told in an old-fashioned, by-the-fireside storytelling manner, featuring themes of Kindness, Positivity, Helping Others, and learning more about and to appreciate Mother Nature. With a little humor tossed in here and there for fun. 

The stories have been enjoyed and well-received by all ages, from the young to seniors and the young-at-heart, and compared by reviewers to Beatrix Potter's "Tales of Peter Rabbit" and Kenneth Grahame's "Wind in the Willows". Exciting new projects are underway to bring Little Red Bear and his neighborhood friends to beginning and pre-readers in picture book format in the coming months, as well.

Educational research has shown that making a personal connection often results in increased interest and stimulates greater learning about a topic. Years ago, people were intimately connected and involved with the natural world around them. In today’s modern world, not so much. It is difficult for most of us to get “up close and personal” with wildlife and the ever-diminishing natural world today. With the environment and so many species under threat, Mother Nature needs our help now more than ever. By humanizing the characters, the “Little Red Bear” stories attempt to bridge the gap, working to stimulate interest and to create that personal caring connection to wildlife and the natural world thru the stories.

In addition to writing, I have been creating vintage style teddy bears and raggedy dolls for adult collectors for many years, along with artisan style jewelry sold in my Old Glory Bears & Raggedy Dolls Store on eBay and in my Etsy Shoppe.

While I will continue doing that, my goal is to devote less time to creating collector-quality bears and dolls for adults in the future, and more time and effort to making child-safe and huggable teddy bears and dolls to freely distribute to hospitalized children, along with free Little Red Bear books for older children and the coming picture books for beginning and pre-readers.

I have steadfastly refused to monetize my writing and creativity blog by incorporating advertisers and will continue to do so, to never distract from positive messages and to avoid conflicting, contradictory, and questionably tasteless or offensive ad messages appearing, over which I would have no control, so receive no offsetting ad revenues or incomes from my site.

Thru small monthly pledges and encouragement, Patrons allow me to keep it all going by helping to offset my writing blog and book production costs and to provide materials for producing the dolls and teddy bears for children.  

Over the years, I have never refused a request for a free copy of a Little Red Bear book when someone could not afford it for themselves or their family. Patron support allows me to continue doing that for folks and families in need, in addition to being able to further expand the effort by offering print copies of the books to senior centers and to school and public libraries, helping to encourage Children's Literacy.

Every pledge is helpful and means so much, reassuring that there are still folks who care about wholesome and beneficial reading entertainment and spreading kindness. A small pledge of $1, $3, or $5 a month can help my friend Little Red Bear and me to reach out to greater numbers of readers and children, and to possibly make a big or even life-changing difference for someone.

Thank You for visiting!  I look forward to your support by joining our Patron Community to help spread a bit more Kindness in the world. -- Jim (and Red!)

If you prefer, you are welcome to make a one-time donation to support my writing and work.
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