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About James Victore

"Dangerous Ideas" is a podcast dedicated to sharing the hard lessons I've learned in my career in order to make work and life easier for YOU on your way to the top. This is my private teaching hub. Each week I will be making podcasts and posting them here just for you. It's an intimate classroom atmosphere where we are free to express our ideas about what it means to be creative.

Over the years I have realized the role I play as teacher or guide. I've had people write to me who have either quit their job (GASP!) or left another career to pursue their true Creative Life because of my writings and videos. I take this seriously. "Dangerous Ideas" is designed around the concept that there is NO professional development without PERSONAL development.
I'd like to continue to help people become more creative, stronger and braver in their work and life.

I believe that being 'Creative' means a way of applying your thinking and seeing onto various surfaces and in various forms and in your WAY OF LIVING-- and not just the visual arts. My audience includes artists, designers, sound engineers, publishers, entrepreneurs, teachers, students, seasoned professionals, printers, health care professionals, filmmakers, a blacksmith and YOU. SO... these lessons ware applicable to anyone willing to put the effort to live their creative best.

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Here's what our audience says:

"Thank you, James for everything you put out. Your high's, low's and everything in between are all important to us and your energy needs to be out in the world." --Jim

"I'm amazed that you keep recording your stuff regardless of other daily duties. Impressive and inspiring. And we ask for more!"-- Maciej

"I've just decided to support you after months of telling myself "I'll do it some day". But, your last video pushed me over the edge." --Arno

"You are inspiring me.... to me be myself :)"

"Your messaging has really impacted the kind of work I do as a graphic designer and your words of encouragement moved me to ultimately quit my job as an in-house designer for a corporate retail store in Seattle a few years back."

"I'm a designer from Mumbai, India. I'm a really big fan of your work and look forward to your weekly burning questions. They've been motivating me and helping me every week to be brave. So thank you for making them firstly!"

"After watching an hour’s worth of your inspiring Burning Questions this morning, I want to say THANK YOU for putting them out there. YOU DEEPLY MOTIVATED ME TO KEEP GOING TODAY."
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Joseph Campbell wrote that, "Money is congealed energy." In supporting "Dangerous Ideas" you and I are trading energies; my experience and success and failures for your money.
Asking for money is hard, but I love my work and am happy to ask you to become a patron of "Dangerous Ideas."
Thanks for all your support. With Love, James

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