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About Jan4insight

I make beautiful things that make people happy ~ according to my fans & customers!

Imagine wrapping yourself in a handmade shawl or blanket so soft and comforting, so enlivened with color, that it makes you feel better all over! Or, how about having those lively colors and designs in a handcrafted canvas on your wall - to inspire and uplift you whenever you see it. And what if you could take those colors and designs with you everywhere, like on a t-shirt, a coffee mug, or a journal cover....or how about Healing Jewelry creations, like the beautiful Heartfelt Necklace shown below:

I want to create and share healing-through-color arts and crafts
with this Patreon project. Will you help me?

Hi, my name is Jan Burch - also known as Jan4insight around the Internet. I am a mixed-media and fiber artist who also makes jewelry - and for 20 years I have been doing energy-healing work with intuitive readings, Feng Shui consulting, and Jin Shin Jyutsu bodywork practice. I've long wanted to combine these two sides of my life experience - the artisan and the healer!

But first, I need time and space, which takes money that I don't have. And that's why I'm here on Patreon ....

So what is Patreon? It's a crowdfunding site where you can make monthly pledges to support freelancers & creative types like myself. It’s an easy way to be a Patron of the ARTS - the whole idea is to give us creative freelancer types some degree of stable income, which makes it a breakthrough in arts funding in the 21st century!
  • Pledges for my page start at $3 per month. You can choose any amount above that. It's a monthly commitment, so please choose an amount within your comfort zone.
  • Your credit card or PayPal account (you can use either) will be charged when you first first sign up (or, if already a Patron, increase your pledge) and on the first of every month thereafter.
  • Your pledge goes into my Creator account immediately, and I can withdraw it at my need and convenience. 
  • You can change or terminate your pledge at any time. For more info, please read the site FAQs for Patrons which you can find HERE. Also see my post from Oct. 7, 2018 which explains the "charge up front" billing system. 

How will your contributions help me?
Truth be told, I am facing a financial reversal, and because it's late in my life span, it's a tad scary. Long story short, a long-term legal struggle (involving relatives) that I've been administering has ended. On one hand it's good, because removing that burden frees up my psychic and creative energy. On the other hand - I've also lost the financial support that came about through the situation. As a result, I need to replace a big chunk of monthly income ... soon.

The chunk I need to replace is reflected in my goals for this project, which are built around the amount I need to make my house payments plus allowing for maintenance, taxes, other not-fun but recurrent expenses. I've also pegged the goals to cover the small percentage that both Patreon and PayPal will take out of the earnings they deliver to me. I'm not complaining - these websites don't run themselves for free - but I do need to account for it.

If this all works out ... I'll be able to maintain my house payments, which relieves me of the fear/anxiety/burden of being homeless or looking & moving and all of that. Moving would mean downsizing which means giving up the studio and creative workspace I've established. But staying in place, with the payments covered, will free me to do what I'm here to do!

What will I do in return for your patronage? The Patreon model is based on exchange: in return for support from Patrons like you, Creators like me are expected to give back to the world (and hopefully make it a better place) through our art. I love this! It fits perfectly with my vision of being able to create art and craft products that spread a little bit of love, compassion, and healing into a world that badly needs it. 

Specifically, for this project I plan to create art and craft items that express a healing theme, such as Love & Compassion (the first of the series), Protection & Wisdom, Growth & Vitality, and so on. I will offer these items - shawls, jewelry, and fine art pieces - for sale at my online shop, Jan4insight Handmade Gallery on Zibbet. As part of your patronage rewards, when the items are completed & available to purchase, I'll announce them here in my Patrons-only posts at least 1 day before I share them to the public (that's what I mean about "first dibs" in the Rewards column!).

And, about that Color Healing - yes, it's a real thing! Whole books have been written on the topic, and I'll share my thoughts in posts such as this one - along with sneak-peeks and previews of the items I'm creating under this project :)

More about the Rewards: I think of the Rewards gifts as a "thank you" for your patronage - a way to make my gratitude a little more tangible than just words on a screen (and those words, of course, are heartfelt!). Rewards are an integral part of the Patreon model, and are pegged to levels or tiers of patronage support.
  • You can select any dollar amount for your monthly pledge; you don't have to be limited by the stated levels. If you choose an amount between tiers, you'll get the reward below your amount. For example, if you pledge $35/month you'll get the reward for the $25 tier.
  • Levels that offer tangible rewards (cards, prints, canvases) will ask for your shipping address when you sign up. That's because I have to physically mail the reward to you, and I need to know where to send it!
  • Sending the rewards takes some time on my part, but I strive to send them out as efficiently as possible. Emailed rewards for Level 2 go out within a day or two after your initial pledge is charged, and the cards and prints for Levels 3 and 4 within two to three weeks. The art canvases offered with the Level 5 reward tier may take a little longer. And for all levels, the undying thanks from me and purrs from LuvLee are never-ending!

Last Word: as always, that belongs to LuvLee the Cat!

Deer Patrons of Meowmy & me, Fank Yoo bery much (times elebenty hunderd) from da bottoms of our heart!  ♥ ♥

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts

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