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My academic research and everything I studied for the Fixed It book showed how dominant the straight white male view is in mainstream journalism. 
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The next book is on it’s way!  In 2020 I'll be doing doing a deep dive into two linked but very different murders - looking at how they were reported, investigated and understood by the public. Note: this is US dollars.
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About Jane Gilmore

Hello! My name is Jane Gilmore and I have spent years I have been studying and writing about the way men’s violence against women is reported in the media. Last year (with the help of my wonderful Patreons) I published my first book – Fixed It: violence and the representation of women in the media. I’ve was also a regular columnist for The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald, writing weekly about news and current affairs from a feminist perspective.
In 2020 I am taking a two-pronged approach to this Patreon account. The first is addressing the shortage of feminist analysis on news and current affairs. The second is taking interested people through the journey of writing a true crime book (again, with a feminist perspective) from start to finish.

As the funds for journalism continue to recede, it’s becoming more difficult to find publications willing or able to dedicate resources to an ongoing feminist take on news and current affairs. I don’t like it, but I understand that all publications are struggling. Sometimes in that struggle, the focus of male dominated mainstream news can lose sight of the issues and perspectives that matter to women – which are not just cupcakes and vaginas. Politics, jobs, climate change, superannuation, crime, sport, health, business, foreign affairs and education are all women’s issues. After years of researching this topic I am now passionate about addressing the imbalance in knowledge and analysis of these issues from a feminist perspective.

True Crime is one of the most popular non-fiction genres. While there are some stand-out exceptions, much of it is written about men’s crimes against women without centring the women involved. Too often they are sidelined to nothing more than a piece of evidence or two-dimensional sensationalism. My second book will explore the gendered nature of violence through a deep dive into two murders in Australia. I’ll be examining the way the murders of two different women were investigated and reported, and how the media and public response clearly demonstrates how much the myths and stereotypes about men’s violence against women permeate everything we think we know about violence. I’ll also be explaining the writing process, how I took an idea that wouldn’t let go of me and, over the course of the next year, turn it into a book.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, with my teenage daughter and too many dogs. I came to journalism sideways, by founding my own publication – the now defunct King’s Tribune – and progressing from there to becoming a regular columnist on feminist issues.

If you choose to become a Patreon, you will be supporting my writing and hopefully find a useful and interesting perspective on current affairs as well as an insight into the process of writing a book.

The only way I will be able to dedicate 2020 to these projects is with your help. I hope the subscription options are reasonable and that everyone who chooses to support me will feel that they are getting value for money. In the past, Patreon was a sideline project. It provided much needed assistance (indeed, there were times when it was the only thing that kept the lights on) but I focussed most of my energy on chasing freelance work in mainstream publications. This year I am going to reverse that priorities. Patreon will be the primary focus for my writing and freelancing will be the sideline. This means I will have a lot more time to post and discuss the posts with the people who keep them going.

I’m excited about this, I hope you will be too.

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