Janet Boyer is creating Tarot Spreads, Forecasts + More

le Voyeur

$1 /mo
Woohoo! You get exclusive access to my private feed here on Patreon! I'll be reviews of books, divination tools, and more--as well as sneak peeks...

AstroTarot Forecast

$2 /mo
Each month, I'll provide a special AstroTarot Forecast for EVERY Zodiac sign! These are now exclusive to Patreon. You also get access to my private Patreon feed. 

Tarot Spreads

$3 /mo
Four ORIGINAL Tarot/Oracle Spreads posted every. Single. Month! You also get access to my private Patreon feed and AstroTarot Forecasts, as well as occasional giveaways.

Tarot Quickie

$5 /mo
Have a quick question requiring a simple answer? Or maybe a Yes/No query? I'll pull a card and give you the scoop every single month via email! You also get access to my exclusive Patreon ...

Inspired Duo

$10 /mo
What's that you say? You want a Quickie Tarot Reading via email AND a signed/dated piece of Inspired Art (3.5 x 3.5 inch, black, square 300 gsm card tile) sent vi...

Discounts Galore!

$15 /mo
Everyone loves a sale! At this Tier, you get a 15% off coupon that never expires for our

All-Angles Tarot Reading

$25 /mo
Have ONE pressing issue or question you'd like to examine from various angles? This is the Tier! You also get access to my exclusive Patreon feed, AstroTarot Forecasts and Spreads, as well...

Zodiac 12 Card Reading

$40 /mo
Using Janet's large 12-House Casting Board and Tarot cards, she'll discern what areas of your life need special attention and, more importantly, what you can do for a more empowere...