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well.. you see my post here. you see work in progress photos. stuff that not patrons wont see for ages. 
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you see what I have written earlier? to 2 and 10$ pledges? well all that... and more. 

I shall send you also (if you leave address) original artwork, drawings or inkart.. atleast ones a year.. maybe more :D 




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Who am I?
I'm ME! 

My mom once told me that there was a flawed mold when she was expecting me. But that luckily it was broken after my birth.
But it's not a bad thing.
I'm unique, there's no other like me.

I have a wife, and she is my voice when I need to say or write something official, like this one. And I also have a son, who edits my YouTube videos. He also has made the music you can hear in my videos.

Because I realize that my writings here are quite .. hard to follow.. there's two reason for that. English is not my first language and I have dyslexia. Right now I'm trying to gather some strength to tell my wife that I have ruined her writings around here many times and it would be smart to check 'em out.

I'm artist.. or actually I like to think I'm Craftsman Artist. Because I'm not just painter.

or just a people who likes to draw

 or just a ceramic artist

 I do all that and enjoy every moment but I can't do just one thing. I'm so full of stories need to be told and I can't tell 'em in just one form.

SO I also work with silver when ever I can.

OR I do something else from clay.. like..

and.. quite what ever I like. clay is my friend you see. 

Lately, mostly because I have to work from our living room... I have been forced to leave ceramic's little less.. but I've done some test with polymer clay. 

and because big traditional paintings do take room also.. I've turned to ink and paper. 

and yes.. there's more. Lately I was asked to design clothes too.. not.. like. high fashion stuff.. but .. pictures on sweaters, t-shirts.. that kind of stuff.. it's quite nice :D 

those are in: Live Heroes

So yes. I do plenty. I work all the time I just need little support to continue on my que
st to get my own studio/workshop.

You see my goals at the left.. and pledges with rewards the right side of the page. 

so. feel free to make my life a bit easier. 

OH oh... I almost forget.. I do have my own Youtube channel. 
I mostly shoot time lapse videos of me working or sometimes normal videos.. I tend to not to speak on my videos.. I know I should.. but the truth is that as I have lived my whole life in middle of Finland.. I haven't have ever much use for speaking English... so.. I understand it quite well, I can write it nicely too.. but speaking... nope..

$19 of $100 per month
I could actually work all the time. make videos, get materials when needed. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,105 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1,105 exclusive posts

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