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JFX-LineTrader Pro I use to place the trades, with recovery losses settings. 

About JannaFX

Hello, I'm Janna a part-time Forex Trader with a proven track record of successful trading results!
I create educational videos which already helped thousands of people to understand Forex Market in easy and simple way!
I make the most accurate and detailed Technical Analysis on the market based on my trading strategy.
No Indicators or any special knowledge about Forex needed to follow and trade successfully with my strategy.
Main pairs I concentrate on are EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, EURGBP, GBPJPY and Gold - XAUUSD, I provide screenshots with trading ideas and possible trading entry points! At least 99% accuracy!
Thousands of happy followers on my YT channel JannaFX since 2013!

Do you trade manually? Ever been frustrated because you missed a good entry point? I bet you have… probably many times!
Worse, have you waited and waited for price to break out? You know how it is - you draw your trend lines or support & resistant levels, then wait for the right moment …and BOOM! You miss a beautiful entry because you’re asleep or distracted, and can’t place the order before price runs away from you.
Or, maybe you get lucky and get into the trade, but price only moves few pips in your direction before turning around and hitting your stop-loss… again! Doesn’t that make you think “if only I could just bank a small profit and close my postion!”
Well, what if I told you that there’s a great way to resolve all of those frustrations? …because there is!
It’s the most useful semi-automatic (or fully-automatic if you prefer) trade management EA for MT4.
For a start, it can take care of your trades for you while you’re away enjoying yourself! Just imagine - no more sleepless nights or early mornings, and no more stressful “glued to the screen” trading days!
I traded manually for many years, and struggled with missed entries, placing the orders (sometimes at the wrong levels!), moving the stop-losses, and trying to close those positions with a profit… until one day a programmer sent me a beautiful piece of software that did it all for me!
So, what exactly does this miracle EA do?
JannaFXLineTrader is a unique tool for MT4 that works with any broker allowing expert advisors. 
To begin with, it places pending (buy stop/buy limit/sell stop/sell limit) and market (buy/sell) orders – each at specific times (auto-daily) or at a specific time & date.
It also trades from support and/or resistance levels and/or trend lines (or all together if you want) - just add them to your chart and move them around as needed… they even respect start and end times if you only want to consider particular time windows!
Once open, trades can be partially closed at the TP level so a profit is banked, and the stop-loss for the remaining half moves to break-even before being trailed to lock in additional profits using a “trail after” and “trail step” system.
Can you imagine doing all that manually?
That’s the beauty of using this EA - all you have to do is to place your trend lines and/or support and/or resistant levels on the chart - the EA will do the rest! You only need to tell it what lot size, stop-loss and take-profit to use… it’s so easy!
But it gets better… what if you made a loss? Well, there’s no need to start thinking “What should I do now? How can I recover that money?” This EA also thinks for you and covers your losses. How?
Simple - a Recovery System is built in.
If you look at any pair, you’ll notice that it fluctuates up and down. Between the moves it consolidates, so you’re waiting for the pair to break out from consolidation. Until that happens, a market can go in one direction and take you into a trade, then turn around and hit your stop-loss, then turn again and again… but eventually, it will make a big move. So, the EA calculates the right lot size so the next big move will be able to cover all of your previous losses – and it does it without resorting to risky martingale strategies. How cool is that?!?
And if you think that’s all it can do, well, you’re soooo wrong! It also can run FULLY AUTOMATICALLY!
Yes, this EA is way cooler than you could ever imagine! With this EA you can set up a particular time for trades to take place - either every day, or just on a specific day! For example, you want to Buy and Sell at 09:00 GMT every day… no problem, or you want to place a Buy Stop at 09:00 GMT but 20 pips away from the current price at that time, and perhaps you also want to place a Sell Limit at 09:23 GMT but 38 pips from the current price at that time… well sure - no problem… just choose the settings and let the EA do the rest.
Imagine how useful this feature is for trading news releases! You know how fast markets move during the news, and sometimes it’s impossible to jump at the right moment, or to close half positions and place trailing stops manually because the markets can run away from you in just a few seconds …but not from this EA!
But wait! Are you a beginner? Are you just starting to trade? Are you struggling to identify areas to trade or where to place support/resistant levels?
Well, here’s what I can do to assist you: every weekend I post videos on my YouTube channel (JannaFX) which give Technical Analysis for 7 pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY, EURGBP, GBPJPY) plus GOLD and USCrude!!!
My analysis includes trend levels, support/resistant levels, patterns (channel, triangles, head & shoulders, etc.) and possible entry points! I have 35,000+ happy followers in my channels and social platforms, and this number is growing every day!
But there’s more: I have verified trading results confirmed by myFXbook and FXBlue!
Last year I doubled my accounts …just from part time trading with the help of JannaFXLineTrader!
All you really need to do is watch my videos and place those levels - the EA will handle the rest!
Don’t waste time - don’t think twice - don’t even blink! Join me today! 

Remember: if you aren’t satisfied with your results then you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Risk Warning: Forex trading involves significant risk of loss and may not be suitable for everyone. All info for educational purposes only, any decisions you make at your own risk!

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts

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