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About Jannet Incosplay

 Jannet here!
I create various cosplay projects for fans, press, printed products and just for the good of my soul.
Every project is made with great care and accuracy, I put my heart, inspiration, money, high quality materials and photo-/video-equipment into it!
I keep my body in good shape, train my emotions for every photo and video. 
You can see my wigs and projects in the "Creator Posts" section.

I'm also very fond of beautiful candid photos, because I find the female body very beautiful for creative and artistic images.
Please don't confuse this with just nudes or lewds and don't ask me that because you won't find it here!

I am also an experienced wig maker (styling, cut, coloring, craft) and I want to create a tutorial book on working with wigs. I work for better quality and creativity of cosplay photos and aim at doing high-quality cosplay videos!

My own photostudio for creative people in Moscow has taken some time from me, but in the same time is my pleasure to create/build new real locations within it and discover new cool equipment for my own original projects!
You can order a cosplay of your favorite character at the 1000 tier - just let me know your desires and your budget for the cosplay. I hope my work will tell you more about me ;)

28% complete
   --->Contact me through DMs if you want to know all my goals and more about my second work and life!!!

PS: Decided to make all info private because I'm tired of seeing copies of my texts from goals and tiers in other "artist's" pages who rather just copy my stuff than to create their own ideas and content. Hope we will be closer with you, my friend/supporter, and keep better relationships speaking at DMs =)
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