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is creating Poems, Essays, Songs, Short Stories
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About Jara Jones

Hi, there, pals and gals!
I'm Jara.  Like Sarah with a J.  
I make things on a island that's shaped like a butchered chicken. 
Songs and poems and stories and mutterings.
I act Off-Broadway occasionally. 
And I'd like to do this more. All of it. Give more of this to people.  More created things.

So, I hold this conversation.

Let's come together.  Let's share things.  You pledge to be present and speak up and share your work and your mind (and if you're generous, whatever shillings you've got), and I'll give you all of what's in my head.  The unfinished, the diary notes, the pictures, the songs, the stories, the poems, the answers to what tiny things I've learned through tragedy, luck, and unswept grace. 
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Making the soundtrack for my one man hobo musical KING OF THE HOBOS was such a delight.  I'd like to share this gift again with patrons.  Once we hit this goal, each patron will receive a digital soundtrack of a new album of original music.
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