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You get your name on my web page listing you as part of the Patron Unit.  It is a page exclusive to showing you my thanks for being a patron of my work.  That is one way I am able to show my sincere thank you for supporting me...I will also follow you on your social media platform of choice.  Let me know which platform you want me to follow you on - I'm at @TheJaredIsham on all platforms.

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  • Your name on the my website as part of the Patron Unit
  • My sincere thank you for your support
  • I will follow you on your social media platform of choice
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There is a special patrons only activity stream on Patreon and you will have access to it at this level.  I will post links to cool things I have found on the internet that are industry related and ideas for new projects I am working on and general patron discussions.  I also have fun creating some special merchandise that I will make available only to you, store discount codes and insights from my Patreon Lens.  Plus all previous tier rewards are included.

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  • All previous rewards +
  • Access to patron only activity stream
  • Access to exclusive Patron Only Merchandise 
  • Exclusive Patron Discounts to Jared Isham shop
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LIVE STREAM HANG OUT!!! I will host, once a month, a live stream hangout that only people at this reward level will have access to.  I will answer any questions you have on filmmaking, what was my process, how I developed an idea, how a particular video was made, what it was shot on, how certain shots were pulled off, what was most difficult, what inspired the story, etc.  Depending on scheduling and the videos produced I will try to bring in cast and crew for the project so you can get different perspectives on the process.  Plus all previous tier rewards are included.

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  • All previous rewards +
  • Live Stream Hang Out




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About Jared Isham

I'm a filmmaker and passionate about micro-budget filmmaking and sharing everything I know with others so that they can also succeed.  Not only do I create BTS Vlogs that is not only packed with tutorials but I also actually make movies, both scripted and documentary based.

Why Support Me:

I have a passion for helping others succeed and being able to put more time and effort into creating videos to help others. By supporting me you are essentially joining me in helping others to succeed.

Currently, I am in the process of making a feature film while also producing videos for YouTube and running a media production company with my wife. By supporting me you will help to provide education to others by helping fund a bigger project. All support from Patrons like you will be rolled over monthly into a production fund that will go towards the feature film I am making, whether in the time allotted or cast, crew, props, wardrobe, locations, craft services and/or catering.

If you did not know, this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve directed two feature films one distributed by Lionsgate another by PureFlix Entertainment. I have also directed a number of short films, have my own media production company where I work with clients on a regular basis and am in final stages for my first feature-length documentary. So hopefully I can bring some sort of experience value to the content I am sharing.

During this process, I hope to be able to show you the efforts it takes to make a feature film, including where money was spent, how things were scheduled, storytelling techniques, camera tricks, and much more.

How Supporting Me Works (The Bigger Picture):

I am producing a feature film, you can become a patron during development to see how I polish a story and get it ready to go into production. If you are not interested in production you can pause your support and join us again in post-production or distribution, but honestly, I’d love to have you along for the whole process. The support that is gathered in each month of development will be pooled together as much as possible and added to the support received in production and then post-production. Ideally, this helps to make the movies budget a little bigger. The bonus is your support during development helps to a degree in post-production so you know your hard earned dollars have a life beyond just monthly patronage. (See below for the current project status)

Patrons Only Stream: In my patrons only stream I want to make it place to share ideas, exclusive content and other things to show you how thankful I am to have your part of the patron squad (can I call you that?...term pending). With my Patreon lens (Instagram stories for Patreon) I will share some quick learns and thoughts with just you. Also look out for special discount codes to my online store as well as exclusive patron only merch.

What Your Money Pays For:

As I'm sure you know, making movies cost money. Luckily I am an expert in micro-budget filmmaking. With that being said, it doesn't mean I can always make it for free. The money that you provide by becoming a patron pays for the essentials to get things done.

Some basic costs that we face are:
  • Locations
  • Talent
  • Crew
  • Food (to feed crew)
  • Equipment
  • Time

Movie Types I Make

Time is the biggest cost...and hard drive space. Your support helps me to allocate the time needed to get the cut done by reducing my client workload or even hire an editor. Oh, did I mention that patrons could even have their topic ideas turned into movies? Yay, way cool, right?

Scripted Movies:
Food? - yes! Well, the people I often work with are professionals and are likely taking a major pay cut to help me out. They likely are working a 10-12 hour day just to get all the shots in, maybe multiple days if it is a really tough shoot. Providing them with some food so that they don't pass out on set, is not only courteous but also smart if I want to complete our day.

We also sometimes have additional cast and crew that are not able to work for free, so we have to pay them. There is a lot that goes into planning a shoot and having it come out good. Whether you support with $1 or $1000 or just share the videos for others to view your support is valued, and extremely appreciated. My biggest thank you goes out to all of you.

 Current Project:
A documentary series in production & post-production.
A feature film in development.

In movies divisions of the crew are often referred to as units, such as 1st Unit and 2nd Unit. For patrons, I am creating an entirely new unit for my production and calling it the Patron Unit. It will be broken up into sections and listed in the credits of the film accordingly. All active patrons during a particular phase of making the film will receive a credit at the end of the film as a member of the Patron Unit. If you are an active patron during multiple working units you receive a credit for each unit you are active during. Sometimes a working unit may last more than one month. Below you will see what the current working unit is.

Working Patron Units:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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