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Maybe some mark on stream, such as a special overlay for when I'm talking to you, with names on it
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If you choose the pledge to me, it only helps out with each of the streamers. The money I get will be completely going into the stream, such as saving for a new webcam, streaming pc, or even upgrades to my keyboard mouse and streaming equipment! I don't require a huge amount of money to stream, being a student I do stream as my job, yet I simply stream for fun! Any donation you give is just a bit more incentive to never give up! I want to stream more and more now that I've got my computer set up and my network wired in!
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I've got a graphic designer which I would love to get overlays made by, but currently all of the money I have is going toward my schooling, and I still owe some money to the contractor who put in my ethernet across the house. So I'll get the new overlays and rock out in style!!
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