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About Jarvis Dooney Gallery

JARVIS DOONEY is a Berlin based contemporary art gallery, founded in 2013 by Christy Jarvis & Michael Dooney, with a focus on lens based media; that being photography, video and time based works. Presenting both European based artists and those from the founders homeland Australia, the gallery acts as a point of cultural exchange between Europe and Oceania; giving artists an opportunity for their work to be discovered by a curious public in a thriving international community.

As you may be aware it is a difficult time for small and medium sized art galleries. This was evidenced throughout 2017 with the significant number of gallery closures; not only small to medium sized galleries with a modest clientele, but also established spaces with a reputation that extends beyond the savvy art connoisseur. Meanwhile at the top of the pyramid, work at auction is fetching record prices and mega galleries are further stretching their reach across the globe. Consequently with more small and medium sized galleries being forced to close, there are fewer opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists to present their work; potentially reducing the art world to simply another marketplace dominated by a handful of major brands and outlets.

For the last five years we have presented a consistently strong program of exhibitions, enabled emerging artists to be presented along side their established peers, maintained a strong gender balance of artists, as well as challenged the expectations of gallery going audiences.

We invite you to join us as a patron of JARVIS DOONEY as we head into the uncharted territory that is the future of the art world.

Founders Christy JARVIS & Michael DOONEY
outside JARVIS DOONEY Galerie during Gallery Weekend Berlin 2018.


There is a common misconception that all art galleries are rich and art dealers only care about money. Whilst every industry has its sharks, running a gallery that works in the primary market is first and foremost a labour of love. The owners believe in the artists they support and it is in their best interest to do everything they can to ensure they have long sustainable careers. Though some artists do sell for high amounts, it takes years if they ever reach those heights.

When you go into a gallery and buy a work of an artist you like, this is referred to as the primary market. If for what ever reason in the future you decide that you no longer want the work and an auction house is prepare to sell it for you, this is then the secondary market. Auction houses are only concerned with known artists that are in demand. Galleries, especially small to medium sized galleries, are dealing with artists that are virtually unknown and need to find the audience that is interested in collecting their work.

Unfortunately not, like many artists who work other jobs to fund their passion, running a gallery is no exception. Being 'for profit' we don't receive any funding, we're not eligible for any grants, and like most businesses we also have to pay tax. Jarvis Dooney is funded solely from the personal finances of the owners: Christy Jarvis who works full time in the field of mental health, disabilities and education; and Michael Dooney who divides his time across managing the gallery, delivering workshops, coaching artists and reviewing portfolios.

This is the difficult situation that most galleries find themselves in, for all intensive purposes they are a commercial outlet, like a furniture shop, cafe, book store, or what have you. The crucial difference being that 99% of visitors to art galleries have no intention of ever buying anything. For profit commercial art galleries essentially provide a free service to the art loving community, presenting the most cutting edge art before it reaches the museum or private collection.

Like the artists we present, the gallery also has a specific focus in terms of the exhibitions we create. Although when we first opened the gallery our initial intent was only to exhibit photography, over the years this has evolved to become artists working with lens-based media. This we have learned is a difficult balance, as audiences typically drawn to photography in the traditional sense aren't as won over by conceptual art; contemporary art audiences by contrast are generally turned off by photography (with a few notable exceptions). However this is the art that we believe in and feel deserves an audience. In addition to our niche focus, we don't follow market trends and haven't exhibited anything that we wouldn't want to own ourselves.


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