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About JayMontana36

Hello everyone, my name's JayMontana36 aka Jasen Samuels and I'm overall mostly into gaming, tech, coding/programming and exercising.

In terms of programming/coding, I'm able to read/modify HTML, C/C#/C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, and likely others too, however the only language right now at the time of writing that I can comfortably actively code from scratch and build upon in is batch, and if you take a look at my vBoxSysInfoMod script you'll see a prime example of what I'm capable of pulling off using just batch alone; most people were surprised, so you might be as well.

In terms of tech there isn't really that much to say, as I'm into pretty much all tech in general, including reprogramming using third party software/firmware (for example, LineageOS/CyanogenMod for Android devices, DD-WRT for wireless routers), building or rebuilding and fixing computers, etc the usual stuff. I'm currently also working on getting my CompTia A+ certification, although I've already gotten my SkillsUSA A+ certification 2 years ago from this point in writing, and from there I hope to expand even further.

Gaming on the other hand, I like/prefer gaming on PC with controllers for a console like experience but with the freedom and customization of the PC experience to do what you want when you want (as well as using controllers in conjunction with mice for the hybrid experience and/or more accuracy), and the kinds of games that I like and enjoy are mostly open world do whatever you want whenever you want however you want games such as Watch_Dogs 2, a prime example especially more so in my realistic solo roleplay videos and streams where I roleplay as the character as if it were me in a real life situation.

Lastly, in terms of exercise, I like to and enjoy riding around on a kick scooter on a near daily basis pretty much everywhere I go mainly for exercise for a few hours and miles per day, typically a minimum of about 2 hours and 10 miles in total though usually longer, and honestly in my opinion it's both fun and beats going to the gym to work out. I bought myself a camera that is mounted to the top of my helmet which I sometimes take footage from to make videos of my trip for YouTube with, though I don't do that as often as I'd like to mainly because the camera's quality sucks and it takes a ton of time to transcode and optimize the footage to then be edited and be exported to be uploaded onto YouTube, and I cannot do anything else while either of those processes are going on so I stream a lot more now than I actually upload any videos, though I'd like to change that and upload videos just as much as I stream if not even more, though that's likely not happening anytime soon till I can get more powerful hardware to work with.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and getting to know a little more about me, and also thank you again should you choose to accompany me on this journey.
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