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You like my work and want to make my life easier, and I totally love you for that.

Eventually I’ll even figure out this ridiculous service’s UI and we can totally chat & stuff, which will be cool and I might post sneak peeks (of WRITING … get your minds out of the gutter … or at least pay more than $1!! Sheesh! I’m totally $1.15, maybe even $1.25 stripshow material!) or like free copies of … whatever or something.  Look gimme a break here I’m an author not a cartoonist, okay?!

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You’re super awesome and I’ll – as often as possible – post early access to my work as well as random short stories I might … doodle up.  All no less SFW than my published YA.

As soon as I can figure out how best to do it I’ll even include free copies of my books or something.  How’s that sound?




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Hi, I’m the lady who wrote the Now & Forever series.  It’s kind of popular sometimes (I outranked one of the Divergent series books for a few days!)

This is where you can help support my writing by making me less reliant on a day job which gets in the way of time & energy to create my books.

Also … whether it’s $1 or $5 … I might post cool stuff.  At $5 I’ll make a special effort to sometimes post cool stuff.  I hope it’s cool, anyway.
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Hey, if I can make $35k/year I can quit my day job and write full time.  That could mean as many as 1-4 works per year.  Full novels.  And untold novellas and short stories
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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