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Early access to my comics Devil Spy and Willem! All patrons get these pages 2 weeks earlier than the public! Thanks for your support!

Exclusive First Look at Chunky Skunk & Monthly Sketch Dump

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Get weekly pages of my Chunky Skunk comic, exclusive to $5+ patrons until each full episode is complete, plus get my monthly sketch dump. Also includes early access to Devil Spy and Willem comic pa...

Early Bird Sketch Rewards

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Early Bird Character Sketch Reward. Early bird subscribers to this reward get sketches at a discount of my regular commission sketch price. With this reward you get a character sketch for each mont...

Limited Time Sketch Reward

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$20 Sketch Rewards are available for a limited time. Get one monthly sketch at a discount from my regular sketch prices. Sketch includes up to 2 characters with no/very simple background. You'll re...