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You're a part of the problem of my cartoons existing, thanks bb! Full benefits of whatever I post here. I am only here to make movies, and you should only be here if you wanna help me make them. My work is free and everybody who watches my shit is equal in importance to me.
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About JazLyte

Welcome to the Patreon page of indie filmmaker Kalen Aris Whitfield aka JazLyte! Check out my work here! 

If you're here, you probably know me for my short film Kill Wolfy -- an action/comedy short about sheep and wolves trying to get along (badly) in a "post predation" world -- Inspired by my two favorite animated flicks, Dead Leaves and Fritz the Cat. Well, I'm about halfway through a sequel that's thrice as long with more ham-fisted racism metaphors, doper visuals powered by nearly a decade of working in TV animation, and more of your favorite rowdy ass gay boys Shepherd and Adolf knocking racis--erm-- "predators" the fuck out! This coming January, I'll be resigning as a Disney story artist to work on Kill Wolfy 2 full time for a whole ass year!

This Patreon is for my living expenses while I'm off TV work for 2022. Full disclosure, this is something I have saved up to do for years and budgeted out carefully. There are no ultimatums, I'm fully financially equipped to finish this shit even if this page never sees a dime. There will be no tiers of payment or division between who is paying the most or least, everybody will get the same rewards and love. But this will all be at my own personal expense otherwise lmao, so it's all appreciated! I will still be posting hella free shit here publicly for those just interested in the project who need their dollars, been on food stamps plenty throughout my life, I get it boo <3

*Pledge if the type of shit I create connects with you and you want to help me have the time and caffeine to make it, and only if.* If this page somehow ends up paying my bills, you bet your sweet ass I'll be delaying my return to TV animation to make you more cool indie shit first, try me slut! I have mountains of scripts and animatics waiting to be made into films with the vibes of Kill Wolfy

Follow me on Twitter for updates, pencil tests and production art!
Starting in January, I'll be animating live on Twitch 4-5 days out of the week. Come kick it with me!

Who is this guy?

Just a 31-year-old afro queer who was lucky enough to participate in the Flash cartoon explosion of the early 2000's wild west internet. I was raised by Newgrounds and have made 50+ anime-inspired action cartoons and raunchy original comedy shorts over the past 20 years. In 2014 I began working in TV animation, and have since been a storyboard artist/animator on over a dozen productions. While I love working in TV, nothing's quite like making your own home cooked films, especially when TV content must behave very strictly for its advertisers so that it can pay its artists a living wage. This often results in very broad content where niche, adult, PoC and queer voices are watered down and drowned out by the myth of 'alienation from the audience.' 

I've had a lot of good fortune as a professional and want to use what I've learned to create content inspired by what I love - cursed 90's-00's anime OVAs, grindhouse film, fighting games, and the perseverance of my fellow black and queer people finding our footing in a world not built for us. It's everything to me B] Art builds bridges.

Thanks for stopping by!

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I will absolutely straight up just start another indie film full time right after Kill Wolfy 2, and it'll probably get done way faster.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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