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This is so lovely of you to want to do! Really, it’s like you’re there holding my hand or patting me on the back. You’ll have access to the Patron-only feed. I’ll post exclusive messages about what I’m working on, including excerpts and exciting news. You’ll hear it here first! I’ll also come to this community as my go-to group for feedback on what they’d like to see next. Everyone’s voice is important and I’ll love hearing yours
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Thank you for wanting to do this! This amount of support is huge because I know when I write something for you that I’ll be able to count on the return – and not be lying when I say I’ll pay that bill! You'll get access to the patron-only feed, where we’ll have conversations about whatever you like, and you'll also be DIRECTLY emailed digital copies of exclusive new stories, all 12K or longer, in the format of your choice. All will have professional covers, editing, and formatting. You’ll have those stories six-months before anyone else does, which means you get to gloat and preen on social media about how awesome you are. Because you are awesome.
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At last you’ll get the chance to do what you all keep saying you want – put forth your wish list of what I’ll write for you next. Want more Bobby Prejean? I’ll finally get to that! That over-the-desk scene I never quite gave you in UNDER HIS TOUCH? You can have it! More Twelve Kingdoms stories like Ash’s history or Rayfe’s point of view? I’ll do it! Choose from any of my established characters and worlds, then even dictate a particular scenario. (I reserve author’s right to tweak the scenario, especially in worlds with established plot lines.) Everyone in this select group will vote from the choices put forward. We can play this game forever.




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About Jeffe Kennedy

Heya folks! If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve already read something I’ve written. That’s what this page is for – readers who love my work and want to go that extra mile to support me, beyond buying my books. Because really, I’m thrilled you love my books enough to buy them. You rock!

If you haven’t read my work, you can find All The Books, excerpts, reviews, etc., at I write female-driven fantasy, contemporary romance, erotic fiction, and a smattering of other things. I’m a hybrid author, which means I have both traditional publishing contracts and I also do some self-publishing. My books have won awards and people say nice things about them. I’m truly blessed.

But I am at a scary place in my life.

My day job left me in October. After eighteen great years together, we broke up. It was an amicable divorce, with much sorrow on both sides.

It’s one of those disaster/opportunity things for me. Yay, I have a lot more time to write! Ack, I have no steady income and have to pay my own health insurance! It’s exciting and stressful all at once. Don’t get me started on the cats' concerns about where their kibble will come from...

You all have been wonderfully supportive, offering me everything from chocolate bars to lemon-drop martinis to your cabins to write in.

And let me be clear right now – these are all awesome things and I never turn down chocolate bars or lemon-drop martinis. I really want to do the cabin, too. Maybe someday!!

At any rate, since we haven’t figured out how to send chocolate, martinis or cabins through the Internet, here’s something we can try. You can pledge to support me a certain amount of money per Thing, which for me means stories. (I also have a page to provide focused mentoring for aspiring writers, too, here: For readers, you can be part of my exclusive patron community here, where we’ll have just-us-chickens chats, you can get exclusive stories from me, and maybe even get to have something written just for you. All depends on your budget. And don’t worry, you can limit how many stories you sponsor per month - and I won't ever do more than one story per month, because I’ll still be writing All The Other Things, too.

So, check out the possibilities and see if you want to join in.
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