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About Jeffe Kennedy

Heya folks! If you’re here, I’m guessing you’ve already read something I’ve written. Or maybe you’ve taken one of my workshops, either online or at a conference.

If you haven’t read my work, you can find All The Books, excerpts, reviews, etc., at I write female-driven fantasy, contemporary romance, erotic fiction, and a smattering of other things. I’m a hybrid author, which means I have both traditional publishing contracts and I also do some self-publishing. My books have won awards and people say nice things about them. I’m truly blessed.

But I am at a scary place in my life.

My day job left me in October. After eighteen great years together, we broke up. It was an amicable divorce, with much sorrow on both sides.

It’s one of those disaster/opportunity things for me. Yay, I have a lot more time to write! Ack, I have no steady income and have to pay my own health insurance! It’s exciting and stressful all at once. Don’t get me started on the cat’s concerns about where their kibble will come from...

I’ve also been toying with ways of offering more direct help to aspiring writers. The online workshops are good, but they last for finite periods of time. That window might not work with your schedule or writing pace. Sometimes students tell me they start with the best of intentions, then life interferes. Once the class is over, they lose access to my help.

Blog posts work well for giving my thoughts on craft and the industry, and I’ll absolutely continue to do those, but they don’t allow me to give interactive help so much. Also, I think people hesitate to ask specific questions related to THEM. After all, most of us really want to talk about our favorite topic: our own work. J

Another thing I’ve done that’s been fun and helpful is donating manuscript critiques to auctions like Brenda Novak’s and Worldbuilders. I feel like I can be of direct benefit there, but that’s only one person at a time.

So, to find a better way to help aspiring writers AND keep the cats in kibble, I’m trying out this Patreon. (I also have one for readers here:

The way this works is you can pledge to support me a certain amount of money per Thing, which in this case means various lectures on craft, publishing, etc. As part of my exclusive patron community here, you’ll get to help decide what I talk about. And you’ll be able to either receive direct mentorship from me or observe what I work on with others. All depends on your budget. And don’t worry, you can limit how much you sponsor per month.

So, check out the below and see if you want to join in. If I’m not offering something you want, let me know and I’ll see if I can set it up.

So, check out the below and see if you want to join in.

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