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Perhaps you've found the videos and documentation that I've created helpful, or maybe I answered a question that's really been a thorn in your side. Whatever the reason, if I've been a help to you, you could help me be a help to others, too! Offset some hosting costs with a $2 pledge. Thanks!

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Do you have a specific question that I did not address in my posts or videos? Do you need some help understanding a diagram or pinout on one of my posts? No worries! At this level, I'll address your question specifically with a document or a video, whichever is best suited. I'll post it once it's ready so that you can keep things moving!




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Hello, friends! I love to build things, and I love to teach. This is an opportunity for you to support me building things and teaching them through the generation of content that will help yourself and others convert your own electric vehicles. I post all of my information for free, which means I have to pay hosting and material fees in order to provide that information. If you have made use of the materials I've created or if you have questions about them, then I would encourage you to help me as well by off-setting some of those costs. Thank you so much!

My site: EV Projects
My YouTube Channel: Jeff's Projects

Please keep in mind that I do not bear the responsibility for the success of anyone's projects, nor do I bear the liability for anything that may happen in regards to anyone's project. Let's be realistic: these things are dangerous. If you choose to undertake anything involving my content or documentation, you bear the responsibility for anything that may happen. Be safe!
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Better camera equipment will allow for videos that are both easier to watch and more interesting. At this earning amount, I will invest in a GoPro and the requisite hardware, such as tripods and mounts, so that I can record and share driving videos of the vehicles I build, in addition to adding in-process videos of work with more how-to content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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