Jellebones is creating Video games and Art

Thanks Club

$1 /mo
  • Your name in credits of any games I release
Yep, right on in there

  • Access to any secret game posts
Update posts will become available to you. Including game screenshots, concept art and gameplay videos

Frog Club

$3 /mo
That's right, you'll receive a digital drawing of a frog once a month!!!

You'll receive HD digital versions of my web-store prints and stickers.

  • A mo...

Bug Boys Club

$10 /mo
You like bugs? I know I do. You get to play the early builds of any game I am making when they become available.

A digital copy of any game I release.

I'll sneak your name into on...

Pizza Party Club

$50 /mo
You get to design a character that will appear in one of my games. Just send in the concept drawing and I'll get to work shoving them into my computer.

  • Design a dude
  • Plus all previous rewards