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In all honesty, I never expected to be here today, creating my own blog. I am what you would consider the, "Khloe Kardashian" of the family. I do not look anything like my sisters at all, nor am I a size 0. Because of the fact that I constantly have been compared to my sisters, growing up was really hard. It wasn't until recently when I actually truly started to the love the skin that I'm in. My goal with my work is help people gain more self-confidence and show people how to have strong personal development growth by expressing themselves. Whether it be through fashion, styling, or beauty, all people deserve love and happiness. I consider myself a fashionista and can confidently say I'm a self-diagnosed fashion professional. I try my hardest to constantly give maximum effort in everything I do and always look good while doing it. With this being said, I also think expressing hair and make-up can be the best accessory to give to an outfit. I take pride in my love for fashion and beauty. If you're looking for personal growth and beauty tips, or lifestyle and fashion influence, then you have found the right blog. I am a young fashionista with a collection of thoughts. 

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Jen Stack

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