is creating Wearable art and Sound Scapes
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About jeneisis

Hand painted clothing, cosmic adornments, astral downloads and sound scapes from my soul unfold as I focus on presence and release control.. breath out and breath in guided by wisdom I rest my wings and take flight like a phoenix. To the fires I release it. I root to open, my seed it is chosen to choose and to flow... I grow in this glow, I am here to share what I know, what I experience, to invite you in to this dance, to dress you and bless you and enchant. Simply, to be honest, genuine and transparent. I share what is medicine for me like a pine spews turpentine as sap soothing all lesions and returning to leisure. This is what I treasure. Playing with the things that won't be here forever. Knowing that I, and you, and all eyes here, all cells and atoms included are the creator. Dancing with itself. 

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