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Adventuring in Coach

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Get a patron-only perspective on my work.
  • You get acess to my activity feed
  • Patrons get updates on work before anywhere else
  • Patron-only interactions (Q&A, Polls, Etc.)

Adventuring in Business Class

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You'll get all the perks of Adventuring in Coach, plus more!
  • A monthly group text chat with Jenni Wise, via Discord!
  • Tier-exclusive fun and silly digital pictures of the real-life...

Adventuring in First Class

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Welcome to First Class!
  • Invited to two group text chats each month with Jenni Wise via Discord.
  • If in this tier when a book is published, your name is added to special 'First Clas...

Gold Traveler

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Welcome to the Gold standard.
  • One personal text chat with Jenni Wise via Discord each month. Will do my best to work around your avalablity for this.
  • Special thank you in my autho...

Platinum Traveler

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Platinum Perks
  • Personalized short story or drabble; with you or someone you choose going on a short adventure with the plushies! I will message you some questions so I can customise the ta...

Azeroth Traveler

$500 /mo
'Cuz I Play WoW!
  • You will get my Battletag ID.
  • I will make a toon on any US server just to hang with you in World of Warcraft.
  • You choose Ally/Horde and if you want me to...