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About Jennifer Hofmann

Hi! I'm Jen. I have been writing the Americans of Conscience Checklist since November 20, 2016.

My checklist is a unique combination of well-researched actions and encouragement that's free of partisan antagonism.   

A snapshot of growth

  • Pre-November 9, 2016: I was a mild-mannered blogger and social media expert. Zero political engagement. 
  • By November 20, 2016: I became a passionate researcher and writer of pro-democracy actions--and encourager for people to speak up.
  • September 2017 through today: I'm now the primary writer, editor, and queen bee of a team of volunteers producing a high-quality, values-based publication that encourages engagement in our fragile democracy.

In short?

Utter transformation. Personally, professionally, politically, and people-y. I'm an introvert who loves quiet and loathes confrontation, but nothing means more to me than this work. I love it. 

Rave reviews

The Checklist started out with 30 email addresses written on a sheet of paper, friends who weren't sure what to trust on Facebook. Today, we reach over 75,000 by email, tens of thousands on Twitter, and over a million people on Facebook.

People tell me this simple checklist helps them channel anxiety into constructive action. They feel empowered and hopeful. Because our message focuses on values, not criticizing people, it's a guide for folks from many walks of life--from #BlueWave activists, local postcarding groups, to disenfranchised moderate Republicans.

People compliment our thorough research, clear writing, and deliberate avoidance of polarization. We're here to create a kinder, flourishing nation together, regardless of party.

We're getting noticed! The Checklist has been featured on HuffPo, the Karen Hunter Show, Tumblr, Medium, in spiritual, progressive, and feminist blogs, and even conservative forums. In 2018, I was named on the YBCA 100 List of change makers in the US alongside Madeline Albright and the kids from Parkland. I didn't start this effort for the recognition, but it sure feels good.

It's not magic. It takes work.

While I did all the writing, research, and production solo for the first year, it took a toll.

I personally spend about 30-35 hours per week writing, editing, marketing, and managing our team. My incredible team of volunteers contributes 3-4 times that amount of time doing in-depth research, graphics, social media support, and the intangible value of community. In addition to writing and editing, I'm also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing this robust and committed volunteer team.

If I were charging my current published hourly writing rate ($75/hr) or my consulting rate ($85/hr), the time I spend on AoC Checklist production would cost at least $6,750 monthly. 

Additional costs of producing the AoC Checklist

Publications: Because I rely on high-quality, in-depth journalism, I subscribe to The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Nation, and The Atlantic for $49/month. #worthit

Technology: I use Aweber ($85/mo) to send out emails and fund the hosting ($15/mo) for our website. Technology is $100 per month and grows with every new subscriber.

Heart: Is it hard to face the news squarely? Yes. Do I sometimes get weary and tired? Yes. Every week, I put my whole self--smarts, heart, and soul--into this work and making it easy for people to speak up. Therapy isn't free. :)

Lost income: Before the Checklist, I was running a writing business, but I'm out of hours in a day to pursue or solicit new writing work. 

Bottom line? I want to do this full time.

On average, the AoC Checklist costs about $7,500 a month to produce. I want the freedom of committing to this as a full-time gig. With your help, it could be possible. In fact, I got inspired when I saw that my activist ally, Matt Kiser at WTFJHT (an awesome publication!), succeeded at going full time by generating that much support on Patreon.

We have a long road ahead (Nixon's process took two years!) and a lot of healing to do in our democracy. I'm 100% committed to this journey through 2020 and beyond.

How you can help.

If you believe in our democracy, in being engaged in the political process, in bipartisan cooperation, and in supporting the creation of well-researched actions, please consider doing any of the following:

1. Use the actions in the AoC Checklist. Seriously. This is the best support you can provide.

2. Send your friends to to sign up for my weekly checklist.

3. Follow us on twitter and Facebook, and retweet/share the Checklist when it's published on Sundays.

4. Become an angel on Patreon at any monthly amount. I know that makes me sound like an NPR fundraiser, but my current patrons have already empowered me to quit my old job (THANK YOU, ANGELS!!). Most Angels contribute $3/month. Any amount helps me get to $3600/month--my goal--allowing me to give full energy to this work.

Let's commit together

These times call for clear-headed, heart-centered action. I strive to create calm sanity and forward motion every week. With your help, we can move through these times together with grace, clarity, and commitment.

And. No matter how you engage, I want to thank you for all you're doing to help reason and fairness prevail during our country's tumult. Your voice makes a difference. I'm so glad to be on this journey with you.


P.S. Because integrity matters, I claim all donations and pay state and federal self-employment taxes on them--about 33 cents to the dollar. This means donations are non-deductible (for you) and counted as income (for me). 

Here's the link to become a patron. With gratitude.

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When we reach this goal, I'll do a Facebook Live session full of inspiration for you. I will solicit topics from you in advance to create a really special live call. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 130 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 130 exclusive posts

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