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About Jennifer R. Donohue

Hello and welcome! I'm a science fiction and fantasy writer originally from the Jersey Shore but transplanted to central New York, where I live with my husband and my dog and work at my local library. I have eight publications under my belt, in such venues as Escape Pod, Mythic Delirium, Syntax & Salt, Daily Science Fiction (and more!)

My plan for Patreon is to publish at least one short story a month to start with, and also serialize a novella once said novella is ready for prime time. In the (hopefully near) future I will be self publishing a werewolf trilogy, and bonus content will be here as well! Werewolves are in again so tell your friends.

Possible other inclusions are puppy pictures (Elka, my profile photo, is recently departed. Ulrike has joined our family though), my writing playlists, and random musings on creative endeavors.

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