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About Jenny Asencio

Thank you for checking out my page! Your support of my work means a lot to me!

I've always been a writer, but as I've studied people and academia, I've also built up knowledge on a lot of topics to write about. I write fiction and someday you'll be theory crafting with your friends about my characters and the plots they wind up in. For now, I'm writing non-fiction articles on Medium because I can't believe what is going on in the world right now, and I can't stay silent about it any longer.

Current non-fiction projects include:
  • Medium articles on:
    • Politics (my political beliefs align with libertarian socialists)
    • Social issues (feminism, intersection theory, LGBTQ issues)
    • Spirituality (mindfulness, Fourth Way, Buddhist and Taoist philosophy, metaphysics)
    • Psychology (mindfulness, cognitive behavior, sociology)

Current fiction projects include:
  • The Sword Metal Chronicles - my fantasy/sci-fi future Earth series, about The Immortal Bard and the people who must work together to ensure the world's survival.
  • "Hurricane" - untitled work about two sisters, one a scientist and one a spiritualist, and the big mega-cyclone that sees them guiding their community through the catastrophe. Has a sequel, "Bull Sharks," and may be a trilogy.
  • "Demon Hunters" - an urban fantasy series about a group of professional hunters of supernatural threats. Using magick and technology merged, they find themselves embroiled in intrigue that echoes all over the Afterlives.
The best place to keep up with all of it is right here!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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