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About Jenny Mostly


Im a 40 year old model from New England who is very comfortable in her own skin. I'm skilled at creating a variety of looks and moods in my work and enjoy collaborating with other artists and receiving feedback. I'm extremely excited for the upcoming projects I have planned and look forward to sharing what they are, my creative process, and the finished results.


My art has allowed me opportunities I'd never thought possible, and I'm confident that with some help I can achieve so much more in the coming months and years. I've been published in multiple magazines and social media forums just this year alone and have dedicated myself to versatility in the art. The most rewarding part of my journey is when I get feedback from followers and friends. I love sharing my passion and want to give you a bird's eye view as to what goes into a typical (and even not-so-typical) photoshoot. I'd like to take you along from the preparation process to the excitement of the edited photos, from styling wardrobe and costumes to scouting shoot locations, and of course, I'd LOVE to have high quality signed photos delivered to you!


I'm so grateful to all who have helped make this possible and believed in me. I love feeling connected to those who are a part of the process, be it big or small. If you would like to be a part of my creative process, or just get an up-close perspective and see what I'm up to, becoming a patron is the perfect way. I'm aiming to feature more diverse styles in my portfolio and I'd love to share my experience with all of you if you'll help my dream be realized.
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I'd like to invite you to be a part of my creative process. I love interacting with my supporters because they're a big part of why I love creating art and collaborating. I'm always excited to share new concepts and projects I have coming up and am happy to be able to share it all with you! I hope to bring you the same joy I feel when in front of a camera. Thank you for your time and love!
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