is creating a Journey from suburbia to liveaboard sailers
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Hello!!  Thank you so much for pushing us a little bit further along our Journey.  The White Belt path is a worthy way to help support JensenJourney and perhaps the best reward will be the warm fuzzy feeling you get with each video, knowing that YOU helped make it possible!!!

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By taking the small step from White Belt to Blue Belt, you will get greater recognition for your generosity.  Your Name (if you choose)will be added to an upcoming JensenJourney video!!  This way you will be known far and wide and can receive the fame and notoriety you deserve for being an example of a great human being!  

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The Purple Belt not only gets all of the benefits of the White and Blue Belts, but also will get Access to our Back Story Video where you will get a much closer look at who we are, how we are, why we are, etc, etc.   You'll have a better understanding of our history and how it is affecting our lives.  

The Purple Belt will also be given prior notification for certain locations and places where the JensenJourney crew will be heading so that we have a meet up.  This will let us thank you personally for your support and allow us  get to know you better as well.  



About JensenJourney

Hey Everyone,

Thanks Soooo much for coming to our Patreon page.  We are having a great time in our efforts to make good, entertaining videos for all of you that allow you to take this Journey with us from landlubbers to salty sea dogs.  There are a going to be a lot of steps in this Journey, and we hope you are in it with us until the end.

We LOVE all the help and support we've been getting from family, friends, and of course, Patrons.  The words of support, the advice for how to do better, the constant encouragement... it is all awesome!!  And of course, if you are able to pitch some financial support too, then that makes it better all the way around.  

So thanks for joining us on Patreon.  You are a Hero!
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It only takes one of you, but will it be you?  Will you be the first JensenJourney Patron, and be able to proudly carry that title wherever you go?  Will it be YOU that helps us reach our very first Goal?  

We think you should go for it!
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