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JeoBox is creating content to help lost souls live extraoridnary lives.

It was the Buddha who said that "we live as if we will never die".

I know it's "unpopular" to put this at the beginning of a patreon page... but the harsh reality is that you are going to die (and so am I). When? No idea (fortunately) ... and of course, I wish you a life as long, as well lived ... whatever that means to you.

The purpose of a life is a life with purpose

Believe me: no one who works at something that is in the service of others is unhappy.

Back in the eighth century, the Buddhist master Shantideva said, "We should enjoy doing good things for others.

We are all looking for the same thing: to be at peace... and if not, at least we try to get to his "substitute": to be happy.

To be at peace, you don't have to found an NGO, or go to Tibet to meditate, or live a hermit's life... If only your life has a greater purpose than yourself, of service to others... and you have the courage to follow what your heart tells you is the true meaning of your life, you will have found a way to bring heaven down to earth, since that "heaven" is not something physical, but a state of peace with yourself.

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