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About Jeremiah 33 Mexico

We are starting a faith based non profit origination that will directly impact the homeless and orphans in the Guadalajara, Mexico area.

Many people are in need in the area and suffer from lack of food, adequate water and housing. Several people from poorer areas of Mexico come to the city for a better life but sadly don't find the opportunity they seek.

The people and children often end up in bad situations and get used by others or turn to crime just to eat.

We seek to purchase a property to support these people and children who are at risk and provide care by partnering with local churches and international organizations.

Some of our main goals are to feed the poor and seek to help them get off the streets. Start an orphanage and care for them and provide them with an education. Care for those who have been abused and provide counseling.

By hosting missionaries more love and support can be poured out to these people in need.

The property that we seek to purchase will allow us to fill several needs. The current owner is asking $800,000 for the property but will allow us to move in and start helping people if we give him $400,000.

This will allow us greatly impact the area and provide support to all these people and children in need.

Your support would be greatly appreciated and would bless several people and children. Thank you for taking the time to read this, God Bless.

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