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     My name is Jeremy and I take pictures. I want to share videos, tutorials, photo-stories, Lightroom techniques, photo-art-projects, editing and scanning procedures, regularly scheduled Blog posts, stories behind the camera and, well, my photographs. Let's have an amazingly fun time spreading smiles, sharing information and creating a valuable, positive space that you want to come home to everyday!

I'm a huge fan of Blur, Focus, Bokeh and Depth-of-Field. You can view some of my photos on the following sites.
     I list my photographs under the name  Gósh Photography (pronounced 'Go-sh').

"Gósh Photography strives for a positive connotation opposite the American 'Gauche' to celebrate the eccentric, distinct and wonderfully unique in life."

       Most of my photographs were taken with my trusty Nikon D3000 DSLR camera. Recently I started branching out into many fields including: Film, instant, scanning, vintage, toy, phone and even drone photography. I want to not only stay relevant, but expand and explore what I view as a vast array of fun, exciting ways to play in the world of photography.

     Photography is extremely fun and therapeutic for me. It's much more than my hobby. It's my stress-relief, my joy. I love every aspect of it. I love how I feel when I'm out hunting photos. I love loading cameras, editing, scanning and hanging photos in my house. I love viewing them for my own personal enjoyment. And I love hearing the joy others get from seeing them.

     I hope we can build a fantastic community filled with thousands of photos, tricks, tips, advice and more. I believe in my work and I want to give you real value if you decide to become a Patron. I really mean that. I want you to get something worth your time and money. Whether I have 1 Patron or 100. Whether it's YouTube videos, tutorials, blog-style posts, exclusive photos, photo-books or anything else. I want it to add up to something real and substantial that is valuable, changes lives, helps you, rewards you and makes you happy.
     You have a profound impact on my Patreon, even if you choose not to donate. Sharing my photos with a link back to this page is an amazing thing I am tremendously thankful for! Even if you don't donate, you can enjoy all my public photos(under the very nice CC license) and be one of the biggest contributors simply by linking back to this page whenever you share any work you like. I am truly grateful for that. Thank you!

  My Cameras and equipment
     I've gathered a decent little collection of cameras and gear over the years. These are just some of them. ( This is not an exhaustive list of every last piece of equipment I own).
Nikon D3000
     18-55mm kit
     Nikor 50mm
     Tamron 90mm Macro
Mamiya C330
Konica AutoReflex T
Diana F+ (Lomography)
Holga 120N
Holga 120TLR
Lomo'Instant Wide
Lomo'Instant Automat Glass (Magellan edition)
Polaroid OneStep Plus
Belair X 6-12
Lomo'Instant Square (Glass edition)
Phone camera (MotoX4) - a bit old now, but still an amazing camera
     Many different clip-on phone-camera lenses
     Various camera apps I use in different ways
Drone (ZeroTech Dobby)
Epson V600 Photo negative scanner
ZhiYun Smooth 4 3-axis motorized phone gimbal

     I use a very friendly Creative Commons license( You can read in detail below), because I believe in throwing myself out to the masses. I understand the desire to be protective of one's work, but I felt it best for me to use a more share-friendly license with restrictions only on commercial use and attribution. I felt a restrictive license would be like hiding my pictures away in a vault to protect them, but that would work against me getting noticed.

The 2 big points of my CC license are:
     1. You can't make money from my work.
     2. And my work requires attributing me as the author/creator in name with link(s) back to this page.
The 2nd point can be hard to monitor and hold people to. So... Please. Pretty-please just give me credit with a link back to this page. I will love you for that alone - as that is the main way for me to get noticed by more people.

Please, let me know what you like and don't like, what I could do better and what I could add to make myself a valuable product and service you want.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts

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